What is Post Protection | Fence Armor

Hi, I'm Al Martins from Fence Armor and we're going to talk about what Fence Armor is about. Why are you here on our page? Fence Armor is a product that protects posts from weed whackers. So it can be any kind of post, it can be a fence post, it can be a gate post, it can be a signpost, a gazebo, whatever posts that's in the ground that faces the front end of a weed whacker, that's what you want to protect. Fence Armor is made of 100% galvanized steel and then we powder coat some of them so that they look pretty. But the baseline is they're all 100% galvanized steel. It's American or North American steel, high quality and a very strong gauge. At 22 gauge, it's resilient to any weed whacker you'll put up against it and you can see that from our reviews.