What DIY Improvements Can You Make to Your Patio This Season?

Is the old patio looking a bit tired these days? Do you look at it and think it’s time for a new one? Maybe you do not need to replace the patio when a few DIY improvements could make all the difference? DIY improvements to the patio can be a quick solution to the tired-looking deck, and the good news is that we have a few ideas to help.

At Fence Armor® we hear of the need for patio DIY improvements all the time. Clients call to ask for help with rotting posts, fence rails snapping from old age, and boards warping from too much sun exposure. Many times a few DIY improvements to the patio will have it looking like new again. The good news here is that you can keep the old patio and save yourself a lot of money.

Included on the list of DIY improvements to the patio is:

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Give the patio and deck a good clean

Often the biggest problem with an old patio is the build-up of mildew, fungi, and other dirt over the years. Stains from dried-in food and maybe the odd spilled glass of wine are big culprits here. Even a patio that is not so old could do with a few DIY improvements to bring back that style now missing.

A popular DIY improvement to the patio is a good clean. You can get stuck in with the power washer to take all the surface dirt away. Afterward, scrub with the wood cleaner, and stain remover will shift the stubborn ones. Don’t forget a wood brightener to restore the grain to its former glory.

Patio DIY improvements - Cleaning the Patio

A coat of stain and seal will have the patio looking like new

Once you have the wood clean, stain-free, and looking like new again comes the time to seal the deal. You need to protect the wood surface of any outdoor structure, and it is not any different with the patio. A wood stain brings out the grain of tired wood, and a sealant will protect it all year.

At Fence Armor® we stock Stain & Seal Experts products as they are of a proven quality. Designed for professionals, these products are easy for you to apply and are perfect for DIY improvements to the patio. You can choose from a transparent, semi-solid, or semi-transparent stain for the wood.

Invest in some new patio furniture

Many people just drag the kitchen table and chairs out onto the patio whenever they feel like an evening outside. Doing this becomes a bit of a chore, and it leaves the patio looking bare when not in use. Buying a selection of comfortable chairs and tables is a quick DIY improvement to the patio.

Take a bit of time over your selection. You should only purchase patio furniture that is weatherproof and tough enough to resist the kids jumping on it. Always ensure the new patio furniture matches your tastes and is comfortable enough to keep you outdoors until the sun goes down.

DIY improvements to the patio

Protect the posts with Post Guards and Postsaver® Sleeves

Patio DIY improvement includes adding protection from rot and mildew before posts go into the ground. At the crucial ground-line level, the conditions are perfect for fence post rot to start and eat its way through the fresh wood. Fence Armor Postsaver® Sleeves protect the wood from day one.

Once the patio posts are in the ground, they need protection from the grass trimmer and even the nibbling of pets and wildlife. All those chips and slices remove the protective outer layer and let in the fence post rot. Fence Armor® Post Guards are simple to apply and protect the wood from attack.

Patio DIY improvements - protect your patio with Postsaver

DIY improvements to the patio include maintenance

Too many people neglect to care for the patio after the first couple of years. Your patio needs maintaining, and a good maintenance schedule is vital. If you do not care for the structure, any DIY improvements to the patio you make will be wasted, as will all the money you invested.

Maintenance includes cleaning the patio after every busy season and not letting the dropped food and wine soak into the wood. You should also repair any broken rails or boards before they become dangerous. Cutting back overhanging trees brightens the patio in the winter and stops fungi growth.

Patio DIY improvements - Patio Cleanup

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At Fence Armor® we love the look of a well-maintained patio. DIY improvements to the patio will keep it looking good and a great place to relax. Ask our experts for advice on patio DIY improvements. Call us today for all your fence protection needs.

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