What are the Primary Causes of Fence Rot?

Fence rot is the big threat to any wood fence. A major problem is that it happens below the surface, down where you cannot see the signs. Often fence owners do not see the signs until it is too late, when the fence begins to fall over. If you do not prevent fence rot, then your fence will suffer some serious damage.

At Fence Armor® we know all about fence rot, but that does not mean there is not more to learn. In our many years in business, we have seen the effects of wood decay. Our team of experts is always developing new ways to prevent fence rot. Top of our concerns is what are the primary causes of fence rot.

Included on the list of the primary causes of fence rot is:

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Fungi like to eat away at the wood

What goes on beneath the surface is what should concern you. From the last few inches of the post down to the tip buried below, a lot can happen. Conditions down there are perfect for rot caused by fungi to thrive and eat away at the wood. A rotten post will quickly fall over in the next high wind.

Wet rot where the moisture soaks into the wood and the fungi gets a hold will soon do damage to your fence. Even in a drier climate, you can get fence rot, known as dry rot, which leaves a post crumbling into pieces. White rot is a one that happens more in hardwood than in native softwoods.

Why fence rot- reason #1 - Dry Rot

Wet weather is one cause of fence rot

Weather, any type, from the coldest winter to the blistering sun of the summer months, can be the biggest enemy of a fence. Wet weather, of course, is a big cause of fence rot as it creates the perfect conditions for fungi to grow. Wood posts sitting in damp soil can quickly flake away into pieces.

Moisture soaks deep into the soil. Down there the temperature, the oxygen content, and fungi combine to start creating the perfect storm for rot. Soon, they will get to work, which is bad news for the wood. If you can keep the soil as dry as possible, you help prevent fence rot from happening.

Why fence rot reason #2 - Wet weather causing fence post rot

Bad drainage leads to big problems

Ask any fence owner, repair crew, or construction guy about the causes of fence rot, and they will give the same answer - bad drainage. If moisture is a problem, then to prevent fence rot, you should not have the wood posts sitting in constantly wet soil. It is only going to lead to many more issues.

Avoiding bad drainage is a top tip. If the ground where you plan to build a fence does not drain well, then maybe build the fence elsewhere. It could save you time, effort, and lots of money. You should bury the posts deep in the soil in a pebble-lined hole that does not hold water. Keep the soil dry.

Why fence rot- reason #3 - Bad drainage

Using low-quality materials

A bad workman blames his tools, but he should also look at his materials. The same is true of a workwoman, by the way. If you use low-quality materials on any part of the fencing project, you are only buying trouble. Causes of fence rot often begin in the quality of the fence post wood used.

You should only ever use pressure-treated wood on a fence post. Ask if the posts are suitable for burying before buying. Use wood that is as local as possible as it will have natural oils to protect against local climate conditions. Cheap alternatives will not last, and you will need to replace them.

Why fence rot- reason #4 - Using quality materials on fence installations

Prevention is the best cure

There are many sayings about prevention, and all of them make perfect sense. If you are worried about the causes of fence rot, then you should prepare fully before construction. Rot gets to work on day one, and there is not any point trying to prevent fence rot once the fence is built.

Fence Armor Postsaver® Pro-Sleeves are heat-sealed to the wood posts. You buy them to fit the post size and attach them before the post goes into the ground. They are both air and water-tight and will keep the posts free of rot for up to 20 years. Do not build a fence without your Postsaver® Pro-Sleeves.

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At Fence Armor® we know all about the causes of fence rot. Our team dedicates its time to coming up with solutions to the problem. Ask our experts for advice before beginning a fencing project. Call us today for all your fence post protection needs.

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