Well-Respected Ontario Fence Company Post Protection Testimonial | Fence Armor

Hi, I’m Nicole from Davis Fences and I would like to talk to you today about Post Caps. Often times customers spend a lot of time deciding on the style of fence they like and they often times overlook the Post Cap, which can bring a lot of style to the design of your fence. Today I am going to show you some Fence Armor products, it is a new product available to us, and these are their Post Caps. Here is their standard Post Cap and what you have the option of with these Finials, there is 6 different styles that you can choose from. And they are very simple to install, they just click over top of your fence post, but then if you want to change your Finial out, very simple you just unscrew it. You can purchase new ones from Fence Armor and reapply it. So if you are like me and like to change your fence post caps like you like to change your hair, it is easy to do.