Trade Torch Tutorial | How To | Fence Armor

All right guys on our site you've landed on the Trade Torch. The Trade Torch is a torch that allows you to adjust the flame by this lever here and also has a starter which is here so if you're going to be putting on a Postsaver sleeve, this is a handy torch. If you’re, I'm going to say doing a a project uh or two or three but if you're a full-on fencer and you'll be using this every day I would recommend our professional torch which you'll see on the other page, but this one works great. It'll burn weeds, it'll do all kinds of other things that you may want beyond the Postsaver sleeve. When you buy it from Fence Armor you have the regulator for the USA and for Canada so this will be ready to go. It's all set up, it'll come in a bag that kind of looks like this, all you have to do is connect the the hose to the bottom of the torch and you can use some gas teflon tape. It's yellow just to make sure it's secure in there. So we're going to go ahead and connect it to our propane. Propane tank is just a regular barbecue propane tank that you would get, you can get bigger ones but certainly that'll do the trick. You'll notice there's an outside thread which you connect to your barbecue but you'll also notice there's an inside thread and that inside thread is where we're going to be connecting this regulator so don't panic it will fit. Sometimes we get calls saying well it's not going to fit and that's because you're used to using it on your barbecue, I think they call this a 5c fitting, so you would take it here and with gas it's not your usual righty tighty lefty loosey um in this case it is the reverse. So you want to be tightening it to the left so it's the opposite thread to what you would normally be used to. I like to tighten it just a little bit more, I'm going to grab a wrench so now you've got your hose or the regulator connected there and you've got plenty of room to start working on your application of your Postsaver or whatever it is you're trying to work with. Obviously this gets very hot, the the nozzle so don't be touching it. In this case it’s, we haven't turned it on so we're not worried about that but there are three ways to get gas here right. So the very first thing you want to do is make sure that uh if this regulator if it's fully closed you'll want to open it um right now it's closed we'll open the gas here and we just open the gas wide open and then if you turn on the regulator here we'll get gas from the tank over to the nozzle and if you turn the gas here you'll start to hear the gas coming out. Then I then I turned it on, okay so here at this regulator you'll see it turns on then if you hit the trigger and what you're looking for is about I don't know 18 to 20 inches worth of flame. So you can stay back from uh from the product but you can control the gas at this level and reduce it here. Still hit your trigger as you wish, so if you want a lower flame um just to make sure it is safe and then you can turn it up as you need. So you can see you can get a good uh flame result at this level. So again what we did is we open the regulator on your tank, open the regulator on the regulator to the hose and then up here we can adjust it and we used our spark button down the bottom to get it started. So if you reduce it here you can just have a small trickle. Your torch button when you're ready to turn it off, turn off the gas here, turn off the gas here and turn off the gas at the regulator and it'll purge and now you've got no gas in the system. Again the the trade torch as I said earlier is very handy uh for cases where you don't have a large job but you're doing you know more than five or ten, using a heat gun is just too slow and painful and you need to have electricity with you everywhere you go. So this trade torch is price value.