Thinking Ornamental? Five Fence Designs to Consider

Who doesn’t love an ornamental fence in the garden or front yard? Every property is improved with some landscape design, and an ornamental fence is always top of the list. A quality decorative fence adds style and beauty to any space, and you should consider one for your home or business.

At Fence Armor® we know the benefits of fencing and what it can do for a property.  Our years of business tell us that people love installing and caring for a fence in their gardens. Ornamental fences are very popular at the moment and will continue to be as they are such an eye-catcher for friends and neighbors.

Five ornamental fence designs for you to consider are:

Let’s take a closer look at each fence design.

The picket fence is always a great choice

Some people may think a picket fence is a bit, well, a bit too traditional. Not so anymore; picket fences are now proving to be the perfect design element in many garden designs. Not everyone has a picket fence in their yard, and you can be ahead of the trend by installing one on your property.

You can choose from picket fences of different heights and lengths. Maybe break up the look of a long open lawn by installing one across the center of it? Picket fences come in a choice of colors and materials, and a vinyl picket fence will not rot, buckle or break under pressure.

Think about installing a decorative fence and how one could improve your property.

Vinyl Picket

The traditional metal ornamental fence design

Ornamental fences are often manufactured from metal. Many people choose aluminum as it is easy to work with and will not rust or fade. Others choose steel fencing for the same reason and for the extra feeling of security from a material difficult to damage. The solid iron ornamental fence is associated with older properties and can add plenty of curb appeal to any home.

A traditional metal ornamental fence design consists of tall pickets on panels attached to the posts as the fence is installed. The beauty is in the quality of the manufacture and how durable this decorative fence looks on the property. You can have a flat top or a fence where the pickets are a few inches above the top and bottom rail.

Whatever your choice, you will not go wrong with a decorative fence.

Ornamental Fence - Picket

Classic ornate fences

A classic ornamental fence will have plenty of design extras in the structure. If you keep an eye open when walking around the city or neighborhood, you may see a few samples. Usually, the ornate decorative fence will have flowers or similar finials as part of the fence design.

The classic ornate fence may have rounded or angled pickets, and the posts will also match the overall design plan. Tops and bottoms of the pickets might be rounded or could have Fleur de Lis or Hops finishing to add some extra style.

Fleur de Lis

Security as a fence design

An ornamental fence can also be a very secure one. Often people install a metal fence around their homes, business property, or school to keep the bad guys out and the family safe.  Aluminum, steel, and iron fences are difficult to climb, cut through, or even ram with a truck.

There is no need for a security fence not to look good at the same time. When installing a security fence, consider making it look stylish and attractive by choosing the right fence design for your property.

Ornamental Security Fence

Go Gothic for a beautiful fence design

Gothic is a classic design and one of many for your ornamental fence. When you install one on your property, you are building a structure that will never go out of fashion. Any big house or public building will have a gothic fence or two on site, and they all look fantastic.

The security you will get from having such a classic fence design on the property can only add curb value. When anyone views your home, they will know that they are looking at a property that is cared for and very well-maintained.

Like all things of quality, a Gothic fence will never look old.

Gothic Ornamental Fence

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At Fence Armor® we know all about fence design and protection. An ornamental fence design is always a top choice with our clients. Ask our experts for advice on your next fencing project. Call us today for all your fence protection needs.

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