Thinking About Selling Your Home? Five Reasons to Upgrade Your Fence First

Are you thinking of selling your home? Maybe the kids are gone, and you need to downsize, or perhaps kids are on the way, and you need more space? Either way, you should upgrade a fence first to add value and help sell the home for you.

At Fence Armor®, we know that everyone wants to get the best price possible when selling their home. Any addition to the garden and yard may help, and even a small investment could bring in big returns. There are many ways to upgrade a fence that can help when selling your home. Some are obvious, while other fence upgrade projects may surprise you.

Included on the list of reasons to upgrade a fence when selling your home is:

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

The fence can add curb value

Curb value is that hard to define but easy to see extra, which can really add dollars when selling your home. Often people will paint the house, inside and out, while others will add some landscaping to make the garden look great. If you upgrade a fence, you could be adding plenty of curb value for a small investment.

The fence is what anyone viewing your house sees when they come down the street. If the fence looks shabby, old, or is falling down, they will not be impressed. On the other hand, if the fence is freshly painted without any broken panels, they will know that the owner cares for the home too.

Even if you do not have a fence, consider adding one for the curb value. A fence adds security and often is the finishing touch to the property.

Five Reasons to Upgrade Your Fence

A well-maintained fence is one less worry

Every fence needs maintenance and if you do not already have an annual maintenance plan, then start today. A well-maintained fence is easy to look after and will protect the structure for many years. You will get extra years of service from a well-maintained fence, which can save you money in the future.

A well-maintained fence is a big bonus if you are selling the house. The buyer will know that it is one less thing to worry about; they do not want to add the expense of having to upgrade a fence to their costs. Any buyer will also think a well-maintained fence means a properly cared for home.

The less any buyer needs to worry about, the better it is for you when selling your home.

Upgrade Your Fence First

It is easy to upgrade a fence

One major reason to upgrade a fence is that it is so easy to do. Take a look at that fine fence running around the yard or even just the front garden. Now take a closer look at see what the fence needs for an upgrade.

Painting an old fence immediately adds life and plenty of color to the wood. If you are a stain and seal person, a new coat of product will make a big difference. At Fence Armor®, we stock Stain & Seal Experts products, and they will do a professional job on your fence.

Why not add a touch of glamor with some fence decorations? Decorative fence finials can catch the eye, and any visitors to your home will admire your style. The same is true of fence post caps, and we stock a wide range of decorative finials and fence post caps for any fence upgrade project.

An existing fence may violate planning laws

Doing a fence upgrade project may be an excellent time to look over any legal issues. An old fence may be in place since before you bought the house. Local laws and guidelines may change, often without notice, and it is a good idea to check with your Home Owners Association for guidance.

The problem lies with the changes in the planning laws. If the prospective homeowner thinks they have to go to the expense of changing a fence, they may think twice about buying your home. An upgrade to a fence may solve the problem and be one less complication in the sale.

Upgrade Your Fence - reduce complications

The fence may add security

Someone coming to look at your home will be impressed by the security of a robust fence on the property. If you upgrade a fence to match any security issues, you will help sell your home.

A tall privacy fence adds security and peace of mind to the property owner. You need not worry about the neighbors watching your every move. It can also stop the kids from running out after a ball or prevent the dog from chasing a passing car.

A fence upgrade project can bring the security that a buyer will like to see.

Upgrade Your Fence to add security

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At Fence Armor® we know how to upgrade a fence. The fence upgrade can make a big difference when selling your home. Ask our experts for advice on any fence upgrade project. Call us today for all your fence protection needs.

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