The Top 3 Reasons You Should Install A Fence Around Your Property

People install a fence around the property for many reasons. Some fences were in place before the property owner moved in, while others are more recent additions. Fences are an excellent addition to a property and need little maintenance.

At Fence Armor® we love fences, needless to say. Our clients look after their fences and turn to us when they need help. We still get calls from people thinking of removing a fence, and those ones surprise us.

We put together a few guiding points to help those thinking of installing a fence or even removing one. Hopefully, our top three reasons you should install a fence around the property will help with the decision making.

Privacy and why is it important?

Privacy is crucial in today’s world. When you install a fence around the property you can get a lot of privacy.
Anyone with a family knows the importance of making the home a safe space. At home, people like to relax, whether that be settling down for dinner or watching a movie.

Knowing you can do that without the neighbors looking in the window is vital.

If you have a pool or sun-worshipping area, you want to relax there in peace. There can be nothing worse than people passing on the sidewalk looking at you having fun. Try having a private barbecue with an open front lawn, and you will soon wish you had a privacy fence.

A privacy fence need not turn your home into a prison yard. Privacy fences come in many styles and heights. One of only four or five feet may give you plenty of privacy without darkening the yard. For many people, having a privacy fence can also decide which home to buy.

Wood or vinyl fences are the preferred option for privacy fences. They offer complete privacy and the most security. Properly designed and professionally installed privacy fences provide excellent barriers from unwanted attention or annoying sounds. It can also block a strong prevailing wind or give shelter from too much sun.

Install a fence around the property and enjoy the privacy.

Privacy fence

Safety when you install a fence around the property

The safety that privacy fences bring to families is very comforting. Many people think safety comes from a ten-foot-high fence topped with barbed wire. In fact, a professionally installed fence can do the work without being too intrusive.  Ask your local fence supply agent for safety advice when choosing a fence.

A fence allows children and pets to roam freely while offering you peace of mind. The family dog will chase after a car or follow a friendly neighbor. Before you know it, the dog gets lost, and the family is in heartbreak. A child can run after a ball, or the dog, and this can have terrible consequences on a busy street.

Security comes from having the right fence around your property. When a fence is too tall then the bad guys cannot climb it. They also cannot see what is on your property and be tempted to break in at night. If your home is on a busy street, you probably already know the dangers of not having a fence.

Never underestimate the security a fence offers your family.

Family safe

Curb Appeal when you install a fence around the property

Fences can bring a lot to a home, including beauty. When choosing a fence, it is important to choose something you love. You will be looking at it for many years, so choose well today. Ensure a privacy fence matches your neighborhood and ask the local Home Owners Association, HOA, for advice.

The curb appeal from a fence is a great way to add value to a home when selling. People are very drawn to homes with fences installed because it saves them the hassle and cost of doing it. It also cultivates a feeling of security in their backyard oasis.

A fence that looks well makes the home a nice place to live. Curb appeal is something you can enjoy, so always invest in the right fence for the property.

Something to lean on

A bonus reason to install a fence around the property.

Your fence is great to lean on and watch the sun go down at the end of the day. During the day, you can lean on the fence and chat with the neighbors or people out walking.

It may be a small reason but leaning on a fence is something we can all enjoy.

Fence at sundown

Look after the fence, and it will look after you

Fence Armor® has all the extras for looking after the fence. If you install a fence around the property and do not care for it, you will soon have problems.

Our Postsaver® Sleeves protect fence posts from rot, termites, and other problems at the ground-line. Fence Armor® Post Guards protect against the mower and trimmer cutting or stripping away the wood or vinyl. Installing a Post Collar will stop animals in rural areas from cribbing and destroying the post from the top down.

Fence Armor® also stocks and supplies Stain & Seal Experts products for long-lasting protection of wood fences.

Fence Armor & Postsaver

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There are many reasons to install a fence around the property. At Fence Armor® we have the experience to help with any fencing project. The right fence protects the home and the family. Call us today for all your fence protection needs.

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