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This right here this guy ain't no clue what this is, I don't either but we're gonna see if we make it do something. We need to stop building fences like granddad and start building fence like our kids will need to in the future. This is Mr. Fence Tools. What's up guys, Shawn King with Mr. Fence Tools, I have another really cool tool. Right so what does this thing do, no it's not a bungee cord for strapping down your load on your truck, nope it's smarter than that. This is called the Shadowlizer and it's made for putting up even space pickets on shadowbox wood privacy fence, that's really the only use I can think of for this guy but it's a very important use. So when doing shadow box fence, often times guys struggle with the spacing per section because you've got to put a picket over the post and once you do that if the section links vary at all then you end up with a different remainder on every section. As you look at your fence line you kind of see you know three inch spaces if that's what you're using and then they blend down to a two or one inch space at the end uh this tool will take all the dumb out of it. Like I said all the time we're gonna hook this on each picket that's on the post we can adjust the cable where it needs to be adjusted, lock it in place as soon as you do that. These red indicators tell you the right right hand side of every single picket location so that's the right inside of the picket, right inside of the picket and based on how much, how many of these we put in the system will be the spacing between the pickets so you can have a one inch space, two inch space, three inch space but even more specifically once you pick your rough spacing it will blend in all of those indicators. So if it needs to be two and eight between them all to make it work out, perfect. This tool will do the thinking for you and figure that out you're going to have to see this thing in the field to really understand how it works. We're going to talk about how to use the Shadowlizer, this is a tool to help uh space this pickets of the shadow box fence equally um maybe not exactly perfectly but a whole lot better to run a spacing block and you get to the end and you got to do a two inch, two inch, two inch or one inch, one inch, one inch, because that's very noticeable, um I will share that somebody today gave me a great idea where is the guy from, uh sir what's your name? Chad Good Shepherd Fence. Good Shepherd Fence Chad from Good Shepherd Fence, shared an idea with me. I've been doing this for 32 years and if I would have known that I probably would never invented this I will challenge you that this is faster but that is a solid idea so what Chad had his guys do is take a tape measure out okay and he had to mark nine inches on the tape measure by nine inches with a color marker like green okay then nine and a quarter with like red right 9 3/8, yeah we did the quarter inches sometimes so nine yeah so 9 1/2" so every nine and a half nine and a half nine and a half nine and a half, right and then what you have, is guys do is put the tape measure up okay and then they would be able to see nine and a half that's marked on the tape measure green, green, green, green, or red depending which one's closest to this last picket if this has a green mark next to it then he's going to use a green mark on all of them. Okay pretty damn good idea very close to what this does all right we don't have set to nines or anything like that, this is very adjustable. So this is a tool that's very tricky for me to try to explain how to use I've not figured out exactly how to get this out of my head and into your guys's head but the goal is we want to be thinking same side, same side, we want to be thinking about this section same side, same side, so the same side of this picket and the same side of this picket is the same as center to center right, we agree the right side, right side is the same as center to center and distance right. Okay so we think we're gonna go same side, same side, right side these red tick marks are exactly where the pickets go. Okay so the picket goes this red mark is on the right side of this picket then this one is on the right side of the picket right side of the picket right side of the picket, right side of the picket, right side of the picket and then this is my space so I'm going to end up with a three inch space right there. Right now if this, if I were to move this section and let's say the next section is an inch bigger, look what happens. When I move this one inch imagine on the next section it's one, it’s bigger right what just happened to those marks just as well just a smidge bigger, they're all equal are they not? But it was two inches bigger what was three inches bigger, pretty soon it gets too big right because your um space is just too big right so you can add a picket into the section. Look at this release, the red mark is what I'm looking for, the red mark on the right side, lock it in. Done. Just added a picket in the scenario now I'm at 9 3/8 by adding the picket. Let's say you want a bigger gap, you pull picket out of the equation but here's the key thing if you really want to be accurate, see this isn't doubted. Exactly, look at that it's off a little bit right so I need I need to go that direction just a touch this is where it gets tricky, pretty freaking close now right so once you get this set for your job site you won't be adjusting this again, this ends once you get it set with the pressure, you're using the number of pickets, you're using right, so we're we're gonna check that. Hey we're on the right side, cool come over here. What's our space? Three to three and a quarter, can I use a three and a quarter? Yeah that's probably the biggest I want to have right? Okay cool, what did three and a quarter, what if it was too big like you want a two inch space right, so we're gonna back it off introduce another uh tag. Same size, same side, red tag on the edge of the post, lock it in now. I'm a 2 1/8 all the way through it makes sense. Now I know some of you guys are like what and the hell is he doing I know it you're just not telling me because even I'm confused, no I'm really not, it took me a long time to figure this out, get my head around this thing. So this is the cable on my toolbox all right, this is adjustable in this end, it's adjustable right. The goal is same side, the same side, so I'm going to use right side, right side, there you can use left and left and flip it around. I’m going to use right to right so my goal is from here this piece I want a red tag right there and I want a red tag right here pretty simple right well I don't know exactly where to put this because it depends on the tension if I pull more pickets out this gets tighter and stretches so the first red dot moved that's why I had to adjust it earlier okay but once you get it set for the day okay now I need to check this and his money I got lucky but if it's off Mike, if this is like this Mike see that then I can unhook this and just give it just a little bit extra cord until it's money like that all right when I set this side. Look guys when I add a picket look at that second slide that I'm going to pull this straight through this bungee uh or through this right here slides and I'll pull the cord through it until the red tag, see that red tag lines up and pull it towards myself and lock it in 7 7 8 7 7 8 7 7 8 7 seven eight seven and seven eighths seven and seven eighths seven and seven eighths seven and seven eighths you see that but if I add if I were to redo those measurements I guarantee they're all eight, eight and a quarter eight in the sixteenths so they're all growing equally. Does that make more sense, these things are like gold man. You just gotta know how to set it up correctly and then it's good. So that's what I was saying, it's like one of those tools you're gonna get used to how to set it up but it's simple. Make sure the red dots on the right side of the picket, make sure the red dots on the right side of the picket, check your dimension right here, this is their spacing. It's going to be two is that okay? Yeah I'm going to okay, rock it if it's not okay. I need three what are we gonna do pull the red dot out, anyone else have a cool tool trick they want to share - radio silence - fresh out of it - they all sleep at night.