The TikTok Viral Dig Jig! | No Mess Jobsite Tool w/ Mr Fence Tools | Fence Armor

All right guys I know you know, maybe you don't know but I'm kind of TikTok famous right, kind of a big deal, maybe not. We’re trying to show you guys another way or method of making your cleanup faster and your job site cleaner. So the kitty pool was an alternative really for this bad boy, like this is what the kiddie pool was mimicking, is this guy. The real deal, Dig Jig. This bad boy is no joke, this is not a kiddie pool this means business, we can dig hole after hole with this metal disc. Controls all the dirt or it'll pick it up, haul it away and dump it on a trailer dump. it somewhere else on the job site, leaves just enough dirt around the top of the hole so you can Pack it back on the top with dirt, we do charge extra for this service when it's required, when it's asked upon us we also sometimes use it as a upgrade credit, so rather than giving a discount we may offer to come out and use the Dig Jig. In this case we're using to our benefit just to keep a nice clean yard, it's a wet soggy yard today and we have the option so why not bring it and put the dirt right there at the lake's edge where there's a ditch. Hmm so using a 12 inch auger bit, three foot deep if you're a big guy, you can probably get four or five holes with a nine inch bit.