The Story of Fence Armor

 Years ago, we decided that there was a problem. And as an engineering company, what we do is fix problems. One of the issues that I personally had was a beautiful cedar fence. And watching that fence every year, getting decimated by my landscapers drove me to a point where I needed to find the solution to the issue of beating my fence posts. And then I started looking around my neighborhood, and I started seeing more and more posts being damaged. And I wondered, why isn't there a solution for this? In looking at it and realizing that we have this problem as an engineering company, we came at it from a completely different aspect. Galvanized steel is 100% recyclable. It's abundant. It's made in America. And we were really keying in on steel based on all of the geometries and chemistries of the posts we were working with. As nice as galvanized steel is, it gives a nice silver look. We also have our decorative series, which allows us to put wood grain and different patriotic editions or different pictures on the actual product. Although it's a $9 billion industry, new fences going up in North America, the reality is most of the fences are already in place. And how do we get those posts protected? Well, a two piece design handles that. The other reason for a two piece design. It allows you to pick maybe white for your side of the fence, and your neighbor could pick a different color for his side of the fence. My business partner and I decided, you know what? There is a market for this. And we started to study it and understand it better, immerse ourselves in that industry. And we built Fence Armor.