The Story of Fence Armor

Extend the Life of Your Fences with Fence Armor’s Durable, Protective Engineering Solutions


Preserving fence investments against the elements and wear requires innovative engineering designed to guard vulnerability for extended durability. The Fence Armor system leverages customizable, heavy-duty steel shields to deliver long-term fortification.

The Ongoing Battle Against Fence Damage

From digging pets and storms to landscaping mishaps and UV damage, fences steadily succumb to destruction without protective intervention, resulting in costly repairs and budget-breaking replacements.

Two-Piece Galvanized Steel Protection Against All Threats

Fence Armor’s galvanized guards fully seal upper and lower post sections in rustproof, flexible steel that insulates against all threats without impeding style or function.

Effortless DIY Installation For Immediate Protection

The two-piece assembly conveniently mounts to new and existing posts without heavy equipment for fast protection against all forthcoming fence enemies.

Durable, Sustainable Protection That Lasts for Decades

Made in America from sturdy recycled steel that withstands endless weathering, these guards defend fences through storms, projects, and renovations for 20+ years.

Customizable Shields for Unique Properties

With various textures and colors to match any home exterior or landscaping palette, Fence Armor conceals durable shields behind elegant designs that enhance curb appeal.


Fence Armor equips fences for victory against time and threats with heavy-duty two-piece guards to maintain flawless, fortified fences for decades on end without breaking budgets.