The Reasons Why You Need a Professional to Build a New Fence

Are you thinking of building a new fence? Maybe the old one has seen better days, and the time has come to replace it. If you are a new homeowner, you may want to install a new fence around the property, probably for the first time. There are many reasons for installing one but you should always get a professional to build a new fence.

Our experience at Fence Armor® teaches us how important it is to use a professional to build a new fence. We see too many problems with using the wrong materials, poorly built fences, and ones not protected for the future. With all this in mind, we put together a post to help our clients with any new fence building project.

Included on our list of why you need a professional to build a new fence is:

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

A new fence will cost a lot of money

There is no getting away from this one. When you build a new fence, it will cost you a lot of money. You are investing in the future, and a good fence should last for at least twenty years, guaranteed with the help of Postsaver® Sleeves. It may occur to you to save money and do the work yourself on the weekend. Not a good idea, for many reasons.

Getting a professional to build a new fence only protects your investment. They will know how to use the materials and how to build a fence properly. What you may think is only a couple of days’ work could well become many months of pain. It is best to have a professional build a new fence.

Professional to build a fence

You cannot buy the experience

Experience is what you pay for when you get a professional to build a new fence. They will know exactly what materials are suitable for the local climate and the right fence for your property. All the years of fence work tell them how and where to build a fence - experience you cannot buy.

When you get a professional to build a new fence, they deal with all the local officials. The professional will know the permissions you need and where to get them. Also, the experienced professional fence builder will know all the right people, and that can help with any problems.

Professional fence builder


What lies beneath can cause problems

A new fence building project brings a lot of problems, and you do not want to add any more to the list. Imagine if you hit a utility cable when hammering a fence post into the ground. The damage could knock out power for miles around. Hit a water pipe, and you may have a new lake or fountain.

You never know what is underneath the soil on your property. If you take on the work yourself or find a couple of guys from work to do the building, you could run into a lot of trouble. A professional fence builder knows what can lie beneath and has the equipment to find all those pipes and cables.

Professional to build a fence

Peace of mind of someone you can trust 

A new fence building project is a big undertaking. Sure, anyone can buy the auger and the digger and all the tools and have a go at doing it. Doing that is exactly what the one-man operation did, who is a lot cheaper than the professional fence builder. You cannot trust that guy with your big investment.

There is peace of mind in employing someone you can trust. You know they will have all the paperwork in place, have all the insurance paid, and have a professional crew. It is what you pay for when you get a professional to build a fence, and it is worth every cent you pay for the work.

Professional fence builder

Always look around for a professional to build a fence 

Take your time when looking for a professional to build a fence. Ask your neighbors for advice and see who employs the most popular team. Family and friends are always a good source for yard work advice. Do not go with the first professional fence builder you find online or in the local newspaper.

Before giving the new fence building project to your choice, ask them a few questions. Ask them for references, and the right crew will have plenty. Do not forget to ask about insurance and about who they employ. If something goes wrong, you will want to have the right guy in your corner to solve it.

talk to neighbors for Professional fence builder reference

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