The Most Important Step of Any Stain & Seal Project w/ Stain & Seal Experts | Fence Armor

Hey guys it's Caleb of Stain & Seal Experts, I want to talk to you today about job prep it's probably the single most important step of any stain and seal project and I'll just show you what we're doing on this project we've got trees and shrubs everywhere so we've masked this off it goes all the way around the back there through the gate this concrete will be masked with water and because we use oil based stains and stain doesn't stick to anything that's wet and then on this house here in the deck of course we've wrapped the entirety of it in plastic tuck down in between all the cracks and crevices our little box there's been masked off all the patio furniture goes right in the middle of the job and it's wrapped up so it's safe the kids playsets and all that and that big board over there that again is going to be used as a shield to protect all of this area that we're spraying today and those blankets will be covered over each bush as we get around that area prepped, is the most important part of a job especially on these white hardiplank houses with landscaping and concrete and things like that so if you want us to do a project for you like this just go to and we'll help you out with it thanks.