The Equalizer In Action! | Fence Armor

Shawn King with Mr. Fence Tools. This is a really cool tool, this is the Equalizer. I'll show you guys how this works. This back line of fence here is approximately 50 foot from in post in post, there's a gate in here though, one but it wants to be about two sections off of this first post. What I've done is I have a stake set over here, this stake is in the ground with my offset cable that comes with your Equalizer to where the end of the Equalizer cord right here is the center of this post. That's where I want to start the offset cable, it's not connected to that stake, I have one more stick at the other end. I also have a Gate Spacer Cable, this is a four foot gate spacer cable I hooked in here. So it's four foot from the carabiner to carabiner so when I pull this these two tags will stay in four foot now we're gonna walk down the line letting tags out until we get to this end of the line to the stake. I'm going to pull this cord tight, if you want to spin all around so they can watch me pull these tags. I’m going to pull these tags towards me until I can't get them to reach the post anymore. The goal is to get the tag to line up in the middle of the post like that I can I can still pull, I can still pull, I can still pull. So this black tag right now I can pull that means past the white post with the next black tag you see how far away that is, if I try to pull that tag to the post it won't make it. I’d either rip the cord or pull the stake out so that tells me I've maximized. Now let's go back and put this last tag in the center post once I have it to the center of the post like that, I wrap this cord three times and pull it back over top of itself. We're done now, look at that, this is going to be in the center. This post, those black tags mark all the rest of the posts. We can use this as our string line, we'll just mid stake that line, let me get a stake real quick and we'll mention that you want to show where those marks are so we can see that the sewer line comes right up from the house and now I can tell right now we’ll have a post here and a post here and I'm straddling that sewer line, that's what we're looking for. Here we go for a mid stake, I’ll put this mid stake in here or it's knocking me in the way of me digging holes. Look at this, man it's prepared. So we just put this wire tie on here, we hook it around, come around the cord like this around the stake back to itself. Now the line's nice and straight off the ground, equally spaced. We did not wrap the cord around the stake because that would decrease the spacing between the tags. Mr. Fence Tools, that's what's up.