The Correct Way To Prevent Post Rot

Post rot can destroy your fence. It is a silent destroyer, working below ground happily eating away at the posts. You may not know you have post rot until it is too late. The Postsaver® sleeve will protect your fence posts from ground-line rot from day one.

Prevention is always the best cure, for any problem.

At Fence Armor® we know a lot about post rot and how to prevent it. We receive calls from homeowners and ranchers inquiring why their fence or porch is sagging after a few short years. They thought using pressure-treated posts would be enough. It isn’t, not if you want to get a full return from the investment in your fence.

Postsaver® will save your fence post from rot at the ground-line, that crucial 6”- 8” topsoil level. It is easy to apply and an investment in the future of your fence. If you want to get the most from your fence, then Postsaver® is the way to go because it will block rot.

The Problem of Post Rot

Post rot is a major problem.

Cuts to the post from the grass strimmer or mower break the protective barrier of the wood. Even your cute new puppy will love to gnaw at the base of the fence post. The puppy won’t be so cute when the fence is in danger.

Rain, dampness and ice seep into the wood above the surface and at the ground-line. Rot soon takes over, eating the post from the inside, out. You need to block rot from getting at your fence posts. The decay will eventually cause the post to snap and the fence to sag or collapse.

The good news is that post rot is preventable.

Paramount Fencing Postsaver Installation

*Photo courtesy of Paramount Fencing*

What exactly is the Postsaver® Sleeve?

Postsaver® is the number one choice for preventing fence post rot because it will literally block rot.

It is a heat-shrinkable outer sleeve that fits over the base of the fence post. The sleeve has a thermoplastic bituminous interior liner, which seals to the wood. After application, the Postsaver® sleeve forms a waterproof and airtight barrier around the fence post. Exactly where it needs protection the most.

A big advantage is how easy it is to apply to your fence, porch or cedar deck posts. Take a look at our installation video for more detail.

Postsaver & Fence Armor Protection

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How do you apply a Postsaver® Sleeve to stop post rot?

The Postsaver® sleeve comes in single packs, a 10-pack deal, or a five-yard roll for flexibility on the work site. Each Postsaver® sleeve is 14” long, with 12” for below ground protection and another two-inches for that crucial level above ground. 

To install, you wrap or slide the Postsaver® sleeve to sit two-inches above the ground-line. When in place you heat-shrink it on, with preferably a soft flame torch. It should take about a minute to apply. We suggest you wait another minute before placing it in the ground for it to cool. 

When ready, drop your fence post in the hole and backfill with concrete or whatever method you are using. You can even drive your posts into the ground and be sure that Postsaver® will stay securely in place. Please watch our helpful demo video for full instructions: 

Once the sleeve is in place, you are good to start installing your fence, knowing your post will stand the test of time and block any rot or termite damage for years and years to come.

Andy Installing Postsaver

What can happen if you use the wrong product? 

There are other products on the market which claim to be similar to the Postsaver® sleeve. In reality they are only partial barrier protectors. They do not seal the post from air and water as Postsaver® does, as seen in the illustration above.

You can wrap a protective sleeve around the post - Rot Bloc is one such alternative. Another option is to paint the base with a protective layer. You will only get limited protection with these products.

The truth is that none of the other products give you the water and airtight solution of the Postsaver sleeve. They cannot protect your fence post from the harsh effects of weather, or your cute puppy, from what goes on below ground.

For full protection, both below and above ground, you cannot beat the Postsaver® sleeve.

Rotted Post

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At Fence Armor® we know the value of looking after your fence posts. What happens below the ground-line does severe damage. You will prevent post rot with the Postsaver® sleeve. Our experts can help you through the project. Call us today for all your fence protection needs.

Rot Block Post Saver Wood Post Protective Sleeves

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Postsaver - 10 Pack
Rot Block Post Saver Wood Post Protective Sleeve
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Postsaver - Single
Rot Block Post Saver Wood Post Protective Sleeve
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