The Big Question: Why Protect Your Fence With Fence Armor®?

If you do not protect your fence, then you are looking for trouble. Post rot, termite infestation, cracks, splits, and permanent damage are the only things coming your way. Protect the fence with Post Guards from Fence Armor®, and a long fence life is guaranteed.

At Fence Armor®, we are constantly asked about fence protection. How can I care for the posts? Should I do this or that for the fence? Does my new fence need a lot of maintenance?

The questions may differ, but there is only one answer. You need to protect the fence, and Fence Armor® products offer the best fence protection.

If you are still in doubt about why you should protect the fence with Fence Armor®, let’s look at our products.

Fence Armor® Post Guards are very durable

American-made of galvanized American steel. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, that is what you are getting with a supply of Fence Armor® Post Guards.

The quality is obvious when you hold a set in your hands. You know immediately that these guards will protect the fence and for many years.

Trimmer and mower damage will be a thing of the past with the durable Fence Armor® Post Guards.

Easy to attach and to remove

Each set of Post Guards come in pairs. The guards fit onto either side of the post and create a tight bond to protect the fence. You attach them using the exact size screws, which come in the pack. Once in place, your posts are protected.

They come in sizes to fit every post. They work on wood, vinyl, and metal fencing and are easy to attach. You can also remove them when you need to stain the wood or paint a metal fence. Even if you move home, you can take the Fence Armor® Post Guards with you.

Make sure the posts are treated before attaching the Post Guards.

Why Protect Your Fence With FA

Fence Armor® Post Guards are the strongest on the market

As well as being very durable, the Post Guards are also very strong. They will take the worst your trimmer can throw at them and survive with flying colors.

The galvanized American steel will protect the fence. The coating protects from rust and the other effects of the changing weather. High temperatures will not buckle the steel, and it will not crack on the cold winter nights.

The Post Guards will last for many years to come. If you can find a stronger and more durable option, then let us know.

They will go on an old post, as well as a new one

If your fence posts are in the ground and being damaged, then take some action. Do so quickly because summer is on the way, and the trimmer will be in use.

A big advantage is how easy the guards are to attach, even if the posts are in the ground. Get down on your knees and attach those Post Guards -once you know the post size, the work is easy to do.

With a new fence, we recommend attaching the Post Guards on day one. They will protect the fence and the investment you put into the project.

Fence Armor Side by Side

Add the Postsaver® Sleeves to protect the fence below ground

When thinking of fence protection, do not forget about what happens below ground. While you should only use treated wood that is suitable for burial, there are further protections available.

The Postsaver® Sleeve from Fence Armor® works at the ground-line level. This is the crucial area around 18-inches below the soil where oxygen levels can combine with moisture to rot the posts. The damage is happening where you cannot see it. Often people are unaware of the rot until the posts snap in the wind. Our sleeves are easy to apply and form an air and water-tight barrier to protect the wood.

The sleeves come in various sizes of single, ten-pack, or rolls for larger jobs.

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At Fence Armor®, we know about fence protection. The Fence Armor® Post Guards can protect the fence from all types of damage. Ask our experts any questions. We love to help. Call us today for all your fence protection needs.

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