The Best Way to Trim and Edge

The Best Way to Trim and Edge

Aug 08 2018

As any lawn professional or home owner would know, trimming and edging make a BIG difference when it comes to routine lawn maintenance. It keeps the lawn healthy and looking great! So, for any rookie employee or homeowner that is reading, here is some great information on the best way to trim and edge!

Trimming and edging are key factors to leaving a beautifully landscaped yard for your customers or even yourself! That being said, in the workforce, it is often left to the new employee, so it is important that it is being taught correctly.

You Think You Know How To Trim?

It has been said by many respected lawn and landscape professionals that it is important to train employees the right way, even if they say they know what they are doing.

The same goes for new homeowners, it may seem easy but there are many important things you need to know.

The first thing that should be taught or learned, is making sure that the trimmer or edger is staying even with the turf. You do not want to be digging into the ground and making an unsightly edge. Though you can use trimmers to edge, edgers are very helpful as they are quicker, neater and straighter - which is great for new employees or home owners just starting out.

Tips To Make These Tasks Simpler:

In order to trim and edge correctly, it is recommended to mow before you do either! This makes it easier for the trimmer or edger, as they know exactly the height at which they need to do their task. In simpler terms, it almost creates a visual guide to follow.

Keep in mind to keep a watchful eye on new employees or yourself, as trimming can be overdone and the grass can be killed. Within a few weeks, enough experience should be gained and there will be some understanding of the tricks to best trim and edge.

Whether you are a learning lawn care professional or a new homeowner, knowing how to trim and edge the right way is an important skill. When you take pride in your work, the yard tends to reward you with health and longevity.

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