The Best Way To Trim And Edge Around The Garden Lawn

How is your lawn looking? Is it neat, weed-free, and growing as it should in your garden? As any lawn professional or homeowner would know, trimming and edging the garden lawn makes a big difference in routine maintenance.

Trimming and edging the garden lawn keeps it healthy and looking great. If you are setting out with a new lawn or have an old one that needs some tender, loving care, this post is for you. For any rookie maintenance crewmember or homeowner, we at Fence Armor® have some great tips on the best way to trim and edge around the garden lawn.

Trimming and edging the garden lawn are vital factors to having a beautifully landscaped yard for your family, friends, and neighbors to enjoy. If you run a maintenance crew, the trim and edge work is often left to the new employee – not a good idea. It is essential that lawn maintenance is being taught correctly and from day one.

Let’s take a closer look at how best to trim and edge a garden lawn.

You think you know trimming and edging the garden lawn?

It has been said by many respected lawn and landscape professionals that it is important to train employees the right way. You also need to learn lawn maintenance yourself and hand down the best practices to the family. A well-trimmed lawn looks great and will add curb value, so you will see the benefits in your wallet too. The same goes for new homeowners, it may seem easy, but there are many essential things you need to know.

The first thing that should be taught or learned is ensuring that the trimmer or edger stays even with the turf. You do not want to be digging into the ground or making an unsightly edge. Too much digging can disturb the roots and cause even more damage to the lawn.

You can use grass trimmers to edge, but they may not always get the best finish to the work. It is best to invest in a quality edger for trimming and edging the garden lawn. Edgers are very helpful as they are quicker, neater, and straighter - which is great for new employees or homeowners just starting out with a yard.

Once you get used to using an edger, you will see the benefits of one.

Trimming and edging

Tips to make these tasks simpler

In order to trim and edge correctly, it is recommended to mow before you do the work. It makes trimming and edging the garden lawn easier as you will see exactly the height you need to do the task. In simpler terms, it almost creates a visual guide to follow along the borders of the garden lawn.

Do not do too much trimming and edging of the garden lawn. Keep a watchful eye on new employees or even yourself when doing the work, as trimming can be overdone, and the grass can be killed. Start slowly and precisely with all garden work, especially the edging and trimming of the lawn. Within a few weeks, enough experience will be gained, and there will be some understanding of the tricks to trim and edge a lawn. Every lawn is different, so take your time and know your subject before beginning the edging and trimming of the garden lawn.

Whether you are a lawn care professional or a new homeowner, knowing how to trim and edge the right way is an important skill. When you take pride in your work, the yard tends to reward you with a healthy lawn that gives you a long, trouble-free life.


Use Post Guards around the fence posts

It will become easy to trim and edge a lawn with a bit of practice. You may find, though, trimming and edging the garden lawn around fence and mailbox posts is not as easy as the straight lines at the borders.

Attach Fence Armor® Post Guards to all posts in the garden. The Post Guards are made of American galvanized steel and will protect against damage from the strimmer cord. When you know you can trim and edge around the posts without damaging them; then you can relax and do an excellent job.

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