Termites: What they do and how Postsaver® stops them

Termites are voracious predators. They get the scent of decaying wood and are immediately on the attack. There is nothing termites love more than chowing down on an exposed fence post, laying their eggs, and feeding the family. The good news is that Postsaver® fence post sleeves prevent termites from getting in the wood.

At Fence Armor® , we get many calls about termites and fence post protection ideas. The big problem is that people do not even know they have termites, until it is too late. When you begin to see the droppings and dust on the posts, then you are in trouble. Postsaver® fence post sleeves prevent termites and are our recommended solution.

It is not just us saying so. Independent experts at Missouri State University found Postsaver® sleeves to be an excellent front-line defense against termites.

Included on our list of termites and how Postsaver® fence post sleeves stop them is:

  • Just how do termites get into the fence posts?
  • How do Postsaver® fence post sleeves stop the termites?
  • Applying your Postsaver® sleeves
  • Practical ways of keeping termites out of the yard

Let's take a closer look at each point.

Just how do termites get into the fence posts

Termites are insects always on the lookout for their next meal. They love to burrow deep into an unprotected fence post and build their nests. When the eggs hatch, the larvae begin eating their way through the posts from inside to the surface. You may not even know you have a termite problem until the posts start to crumble.

Termites look for a post that has not been treated or one that has nicks and cuts from trimmer damage. They will not go near wood that has been stained and sealed. When they find a suitable post, they will climb grass or weeds and get to work on the wood.

It does not take a termite long to make its way into your unprotected post. You need fence post protection to get a long life from your fence.

Termites in action

How do Postsaver® fence post sleeves stop the termites?

The researchers at Missouri State University found that the ground line level was where termites attacked. They say: "The ground line section of the post is where the reduction in the concentration of wood preservative over time is greatest and conditions for decay are ideal, as there is a plentiful supply of oxygen, moisture, nitrogen, and wood-decaying fungi at this point." No argument there.

The great news is that Postsaver® sleeves stop the termites in their tracks. Our Postsaver® fence post sleeves form an impenetrable barrier between the wood and the outside environment. The thermoplastic bituminous interior sleeve creates a water and air-tight barrier for full fence post protection. Postsaver® sleeves prevent decay, keep the posts fresh, and do not allow termites to attack. It is very unlikely that termites would even be attracted to a Fence Armor® Postsaver protected fence post.

To quote from our experts again: "Postsaver® sleeves prevent conventional ground line decay, thus inhibiting termite attack. In addition to this, Postsaver® has been independently tested and proven to inhibit termite attack."

How do you apply Postsaver® sleeves?

The Postsaver® is a heat-shrinkable, wood post protective sleeve. Every sleeve is 14 inches long and comes in a single unit, packs of ten or in five-yard rolls.  Applying one to your fence post is easy. The tools you will need are a measuring tape, a heat torch, a roller, and a pencil.

With the measuring tape and pencil, mark on the fence post where you will apply the Postsaver® fence post sleeve. Ask your supplier for guidance on where the ground-level markings should be. You should also make sure the posts are treated before you begin any work.

With the measurements done, slide the Postsaver® sleeve onto the post. Using your heat torch, begin to evenly melt the bituminous interior sleeve around the diameter of the post. Take your time and make sure the Postsaver® fence post sleeve is fully melted. Use the roller to remove any wrinkles or air bubbles from the sleeve.

Leave the finished fence post to dry before burying it in the ground.

Installing Postsaver

Practical ways of keeping termites out of the yard

As well as applying the Postsaver® fence post sleeve, you can do a few chores around the yard to keep the termites in check. 'Prevention is always the best cure,' as wise people will tell you when you go wrong.

Termites like to hide in rotting wood and branches. Keep any piles of leaves, twigs, and firewood away from your fence and ideally not anywhere in the yard. Often termites will use long grass and weeds as a bridge to the posts. Trimming the grass and weeds around the posts will keep them away.

When trimming be careful not to nick the posts or the Postsaver® sleeves. We recommend using Fence Armor® Post Guards to protect the wood. These American-made of American galvanized steel Post Guards are simple to attach and prevent trimmer damage. They will not rust and are good for many years of service for fence post protection.

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