Tackling your Big Projects with Fence Armor® Post Guards

Big properties require lots of maintenance. There is all that mowing, pruning, digging, and trimming to do in the garden. Often when you finish one big project, you need to go back to where you started and begin again. Sounds familiar? The good news is that tackling big projects with Fence Armor® Post Guards can cut maintenance time and improve the property.

To cut down on grooming time, and post repair or replacement, is where Fence Armor® Post Guards really shine. Our products are easy to install and last a lifetime. Fence post protection is our priority. What's not to like there?

With Fence Armor® Post Guards protecting all of your lawn, mailbox, and play structure posts, you can trim without worry. Our Post Guards will not only extend the life of your posts, but they also look fantastic.

Let's take a closer look at how Fence Armor® Post Guards can solve many problems.

Just what are Fence Armor® Post Guards?

The simple answer here is that they are a type of fence post protection which guard your posts. We know that this answer alone probably will not convince you, so let's explain a bit more.

Fence Armor® Post Guards are American-made of American galvanized steel. They give fence post protection where the trimmer hits the wood, vinyl or metal. The galvanized steel will not rust, buckle or break and will look as good in 10 years as it does today.

You can fit them yourself with only a power drill and a bit of time.

Are Fence Armor® Post Guards easy to fit to a post?

Another easy question to answer.

The Fence Armor® Post Guards are designed to fit easily to any post size. They come in various sizes, from three inches by three-inch up to eight inches by eight inches. You can also get them in three and six-inch tall units. The Post Guards fit square and rectangle posts, and we have round fence post protection units for rural dwellers.

Once you have the correct size Post Guards get down on your knees. Fit one unit on the side of the post and the other one on the opposite side. Place them just above the ground level, where the trimmer hits the post. Using the screws that come with the pack, drill them onto the fence posts. Your posts are now protected. What could be easier?

Always ensure to seal the post before applying the Fence Armor® Post Guards to the fence posts.

Fence Armor Post Guards on Damaged Post

Do they only work on fence posts?

No. If the garden item has legs, then it will need protection, and the Fence Armor® Post Guards will provide it.

You can attach them to fence posts, mailbox posts, and even the kids' play structures. They are perfect for deck legs and even wood tables, benches, and other garden furniture pieces.

As they come in different sizes and are so easy to fit, there should be a Fence Armor® Post Guard on all your garden items.

 Fence Armor Mailbox Protection

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What's the big deal?

You can cut, trim and mow the grass and weeds without worrying about damaging the fence posts. So much damage is done each season, from the trimmer or weed wacker to fence posts. They get nicked, cut, sliced, and chopped, and the damage can ruin a post.

A vinyl or wood post will have complete fence post protection with our Post Guards.

Think of all the time you will save when working in the garden. You will not need to worry about damaging the fence posts when trimming the grass or wacking the weeds. No more trying not to hit the posts, but peace of mind knowing that all is okay with Fence Armor® Post Guards.

Now that is a big deal.


Are they easy to remove?

Fence Armor® Post Guards are as easy to remove as they are to install on the posts. You will need to remove them when painting or staining and sealing the wood fence.

Some people remove them when moving home. They are so good they do not want to leave them behind on the old fence.

Fence Armor® Post Guards make tackling your big projects a piece of cake.

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