Stop the Rot from Day One with Postsaver® Sleeves

Postsaver® sleeves protect your fence posts. They will be hard at work defending your fence posts from rot, termites, and weather damage while you are fast asleep. Fence Armor Postsaver® Sleeves do their job from day one, stopping rot from destroying your fence posts. Without them, your fence is in serious trouble. You would be better off throwing your money away than leaving the fence posts unprotected.

At Fence Armor® we like to look at fence post protection from every angle. We know that an unprotected fence post, even a pressure-treated one, will suffer once in the ground. The effects of the oxygen in the soil mixing with moisture at the right temperatures will be devastating. Fence post rot quickly takes hold and spreads deep into the wood. All this will happen beneath the surface where you won’t know about it until it is too late. The time to take action on fence post rot is now.

Included on our list of questions people ask about Fence Armor Postsaver® Sleeves is:

Let’s take a closer look at each question and answer.

Just what are Fence Armor Postsaver® Sleeves

An excellent question and one we get asked at trade shows and on our website all the time. Fence Armor Postsaver® Sleeves are a heat-shrinkable thermoplastic bitumen-lined plastic sleeve. They slide over the bottom of your wooden fence post before you install it in the soil and stop fence post rot.

After you heat seal them to the fence post, they protect the wood where it is exposed to the most damage. Your fence posts should be pressure-treated at the factory to give a baseline of protection. For the next 20 years, you need a Postsaver® Sleeve to protect the wood fence when in the ground.

How do they work?

Very simply, they stop the damp soil from damaging your wood fence posts. The Fence Armor Postsaver® Sleeves create an impenetrable barrier around the wood. The fence post rot cannot take hold when you have such a barrier in place; it will not get in and eat your posts.

The dual air and water-tight layer is sealed around the wood and protects it over a lifetime of service for at least 20 years. The heat-sealed interior lining keeps everything at bay. The rot and termites will want to get at the fresh wood, but the Postsaver® Sleeves will stop every attack before it begins.

Stop Postsaver rot

Do I attach them, or do I need a professional for the work?

It is up to you, but the Fence Armor Postsaver® Sleeves are very simple to attach to your fence posts. The critical factor is to attach the sleeves before they go into the ground. Fence Armor® will give fence post protection above ground level, but you need the protection below ground as well.

Each sleeve is 14 inches long and attaches without much effort. You will need a measuring tape, a heat gun, and a roller for square posts. You measure on the post where the sleeve will go, slide it over the post, and heat seal it in place. The roller is to push out weak spots such as wrinkles or air bubbles on square posts.

Will Postsaver® Sleeves add life to a fence?

The short answer here is yes, most definitely a yes. Think about what happens when a fence post is unprotected in the ground. It is open to attack from moisture, fence post rot, and all types of damaging conditions. Termites take advantage of fresh wood to lay their eggs and feed the larvae.

Your heat-sealed Fence Armor Postsaver® Sleeves stop all attacks and do so for at least 20 years. You will be adding those years to your fence by attaching them to every post before it goes in the ground. When investing money in a new fence, add fence post protection and reap the rewards.

stop fence rot with Fence Armor Postsaver Sleeves

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Are they good for the environment?

Think how many trees and forests have to come down to make fence posts. All that felling and manufacturing isn’t good for the environment but make a difference by adding fence post protection. By increasing the fence life to 20 years, you will make a significant environmental impact.

The Fence Armor Postsaver® Sleeves also stop the leaching of any preservatives in the wood back into the soil. There will also be less need to spray around the posts or add extra chemicals to protect the wood. Longer-lasting fence posts and using fewer chemicals can only be good for the environment.

preventing fence post rotting

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At Fence Armor® we know about fence post protection. Fence Armor Postsaver® Sleeves protect each fence post above and below the ground-line level. Increase your protection where the posts need it the most. Ask our experts for advice before building the new fence. Call us today for all your fence post protection needs.

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