Spring to Defence

The Maintenance Begins

Fence maintenance is important all year round. Heat, cold, rain, snow and even wind can cause unsightly damage to our fences. To keep them looking their absolute best, let’s look at how we can rejuvenate them.

Let’s Inspect

With the seasons and the elements taking their toll, it is important to check for fading, cracking or peeling paint or stain all around your fence line. Nicks in posts and fence rails are other likely areas where the damage will be seen. Loose screws are common in ornamental fences, as well as nicks in the paint finish. Vinyl is mostly susceptible to nicks and gouges. We don’t want to leave these areas exposed, so by detecting these potential problems early, you’re able to prevent future damage.

A Little Spring Clean-up

Once the snow has melted, most of us are left with a lot of debris blown in by those less chilly spring winds. Old bags, papers and leaves clutter up, creating the perfect atmosphere for water to gather and collect. Clear them all away.

Depending on the material of your fence; vinyl, wood, or metal, you will have varying ways and cleaning products* with which to clean your fence. But whatever type of fence you have, be sure to adhere to the directions, as some may require warmer temperatures and little to no rain in the forecast.

*It’s important to consult the directions for use when using specialized cleaning products on your fences.

Trimming the Line

Let’s not forget our trees, hedges or shrubs. Some overall trimming is a good idea, especially if any trees or shrubs are in close proximity to our fences. To keep them in good shape it’s important to trim large branches that could potentially cause damage. The added benefit of trimming is how it can have a positive impact on their growing seasons; some may produce more flowers or offer more fullness for shade.*

*It’s important for you to check when is the best time to trim, as some shrubs etc. may perform better with late summer or fall timelines. Check with your local garden center.

Has spring sprung in your neighborhood?

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