Spring Cleaning Starts In The Shed

The yard maintenance season is here. First things first, though, is the shed where it all happens. It is where you stored the garden tools, the paint, and the hose for the winter. An untidy shed is a disaster waiting to happen. Spring cleaning the shed is a big job for the early months of the year.

At Fence Armor®, we know a bit about spring cleaning the shed. We all own sheds, and some keep them tidy while others tend to let it slide - best not mention any names here. The important thing is to get started and have that shed ready for the year ahead.

We put together one of our helpful posts to get you started on spring cleaning the shed.

First Things First

Let’s start at the beginning. The chances are that you stored everything away for the winter, locked the shed, and didn’t look back. Now comes the time to get the shed sorted once again. You need to take stock of what’s in there and what you will keep, repair, or recycle. Get started by taking everything out of the shed for inspection and cleaning. A task list will help you with the work:

  • Organize everything according to keep, recycle, donate or sell
  • Check your garden hose, ensuring there are no cracks or holes
  • Garden chemicals, old paints, and solvents will need careful disposal
  • Inspect for holes in your shed where rodents can enter
  • Take a look at the roof to ensure there are not any leaks after the winter
  • Clear the cobwebs from the corners and doorways
  • Sweep up dirt and other debris
  • Wipe up spills or leaks off the floor
  • Clean any windows

Once the shed is clean, and all the repairs are done, you can move on to stage two of Operation Spring Cleaning the Shed.

Organized Shed


An Organized Shed is an Efficient Shed

Now that you’ve cleared all the debris, wiped the floor and windows, and sorted through everything, you can start organizing. Having an efficient store room is the goal of spring cleaning the shed.

The time has come for putting out the patio furniture and setting up the barbecue in the nook. With all the big items out, you’ll have a lot more room in the shed, but before putting back in the mower, tools, and cans, you should make a little plan. Organizing the shed will help keep it tidy. When everything has a place, you will be more likely to put it back there after using it. Be sure to arrange things for how you use them. Ordering by frequency of use and size will help you get what you want, when you want it.

How about hanging the garden tools on the wall? Put a few hooks close to the door for quick access, as you may require these tools throughout the season. Shovels, pitchforks, and rakes are some of the tools you will use a lot from spring to fall, so have them near at hand.

Organize your cleaners, gas, and oil cans to be ready for the mower’s spring tune-up and regular seasonal maintenance. Put them on a shelf to the front of the shed. Store the mower near the shelf and where you have room to work on it. Do not put anything in front of the mower, as you will need to use it weekly. Keep a shelf for maintenance tools and small items you use around the yard and garden. You never know when a hammer, screwdriver, or box of nails will come in handy.

Organized Shed

Give the Shed a Lick of Paint or Stain

An old shed looks great in the garden, but you do not want it to rot and fall apart. While fixing the roof, take a look at the walls and floors. The shed may need a new paint job or a coat of stain to give it a few more years of life.

Spring cleaning the shed means caring for the four walls too. Fence Armor® recommends Stain & Seal Experts products for lasting wood protection.

Staining or painting a shed

Change the Lock when Spring Cleaning the Shed

An old lock on the shed door can be dangerous. If it doesn’t work properly, the kids could get in and do some damage, maybe to themselves. Expensive items like a mower or trimmer are attractive for someone to steal. Many Fence Armor® clients learnt this the hard way.

When spring cleaning the shed, consider replacing the old lock. It may only cost you a few dollars, but it will save you money in the long term.

Lock on shed

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At Fence Armor® we know about spring cleaning the shed. A tidy shed will get you through the busy season ahead. Ask our experts for advice on your next project. Call us today for all your fence post protection needs.

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