Spring Cleaning

Clear Out the Cobwebs

Spring means clean! It’s a great time to get prepared for the coming yard maintenance season.

First Things First

Take everything out and give the whole shed a good inspection and cleaning.

  • Clear the cobwebs from the corners and doorways
  • Sweep up dirt and other debris
  • Clean up spills or leaks off the floor
  • Clean any windows
  • Organize everything according to keep, recycle, donate or sell
  • Check your garden hose, ensuring there are no cracks or holes
  • Inspect that there are no holes in your shed where rodents can enter
  • Inspect the roof to ensure there is no leaking, spring brings a lot of rain showers

An Organized Shed is an Efficient Shed

Now that you’ve cleared all the debris, wiped the floor and windows and sorted through everything, you can now start organizing. You’ll have a lot more room now that patio furniture and BBQs will come out of storage. Be sure to arrange things for how you use them – Ordering by frequency of use and size will help with accessibility.

• Garden tools could be hung on the wall, close to the door for quick access, as you may require these tools throughout the season. Shovels, pitch forks and rakes are some of the tools you may use in early spring to lay mulch or peat moss.

• Organize your cleaners, gas and oil cans to be ready for the mower’s spring tune-up, and for regular seasonal maintenance.

• Be sure to have good floor clearance around your lawn mower as you will need this weekly.

• Organize your tools in clean shelf space, you never know when a hammer, nails or screw driver will come in handy!

That’s pretty much it to start your spring and summer season.

Enjoy the weather now that you’re all set and ready to go!

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