Speeding Into Partnership with Richard Petty Motorsports

At Fence Armor® we believe in building partnerships. We like to work with other people in the trade who follow our standards of quality and customer service. Fence Armor® also wants to partner with companies outside of our business but who also practice similar attitudes as our own. The summer of 2018 brought plenty of exciting partnership news for our company when we announced our proud relationship with Richard Petty Motorsports.

Victory Junction is a very important connection for us, and we always meet with similar-minded people when there. In March 2018, we were given an opportunity to meet a familiar name in the NASCAR world during our time at Victory Junction. The directors of the company, Al Martins and Luis Ruivo, were lucky to meet with Richard Petty Motorsports and the Petty family at the Victory Junction Fence Building Service Project in 2018. We soon saw what the Petty family stands for in business and life - strength and leadership, which is how we feel about our company and products.

A partnership that makes perfect sense

The partnership between the Petty family and Fence Armor® makes perfect sense. Similar people with similar views tend to get along well in life. Today we are proud to say that the Petty family loves our fence post protection products. Richard Petty’s home is protected, and the Richard Petty Motorsports business is fully covered too with our fence post protection products.

At Fence Armor®, we could not be prouder nor more honored to know our products are looking after the Petty’s property. Our company made its debut at Petty Fest on Saturday, May 26th, 2018, and our partnership has gone from strength to strength ever since. Sometimes you just know that you are on a winning track, and so it is with Fence Armor® and the Petty Family.

We are as excited today as we were in 2018 to begin our journey of working closely with the Petty family. Richard Petty and his grandson, Thad Moffitt, are great people to work and meet with when away from home. Thad is a top young ARCA Racing Series driver. He represents Fencer Armor®, as there are similarities between the two of us. We are still a young company growing through the ranks in the fence post protection business, just like Thad is doing so well in his chosen sport.

Richard Petty, Al Martins, Thad Moffitt

The Petty Family

Richard Lee Petty is nicknamed ‘The King’ because of his achievements on the NASCAR circuits during his long reign at the top of the sport. The King set standards and records which few match or come close to ever beating. Richard carries his winning ways into life away from the track and into the Richard Petty Motorsport business he started and built so successfully. 

They say you should never meet your heroes, but when we had the opportunity to meet Richard Petty, we jumped at it. Richard and his family are lovely people and could not have been more welcoming to our team. Needless to say, we were not disappointed to meet The King and have been only too happy with our partnership and the friendship that has developed since 2018.

When working with people like the Petty Family, you are never disappointed. Al and the rest of our business is also very proud to be a part of the NASCAR community. We have built and continue to build a great relationship with the fantastic team and the family at Richard Petty Motorsports. 

It is a partnership that we know will grow and prosper for many years to come. 

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If you know about NASCAR and Richard Petty Motorsports, then you know the type of people we love to work with in our business. It makes Fence Armor® proud that the Petty family uses our fence protection products and recommends us to others. When planning a fence post protection project, why not ask our experts for advice? They are only too willing to help. Call us today for all your fence post protection needs.

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