Snap ‘n Lock Fence Toppers - the only way to finish a fence

Are you looking for an excellent way to finish off your fence? Is your fence missing something that would make it perfect? Well, your days of looking are over as the Snap ‘n Lock Fence Toppers from Titan Decking Products are here. Easy to install and guaranteed to last for years, what’s not to like about this perfect fence accessory?

At Fence Armor® we are always looking for fence accessories that will make a difference. We want our clients to invest in fence protection but also make their fences stand out from the neighbors. Snap ‘n Lock Fence Toppers fit the bill, and if the neighbors copy you, what the harm? Having all the fences on the street with fence toppers can only add curb value.

Included on the list of why Snap ‘n Lock Fence Toppers are the only way to finish a fence is:

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Snap ‘n Lock Fence Toppers are a quality product

Take a look at the neighbor’s fence and even your own one around the garden. It just finishes at the top and looks a bit boring, doesn’t it? The Snap ‘n Lock Fence Toppers are a quality product that will improve any fence.

Snap ‘n Lock Fence Toppers are made from high-grade aluminum. They will not fade in the summer sun as they have a UV coating to protect the paint. The toppers are weatherproof and do not rust or rot in the wet, damp fall weather. Snap ‘n Lock Fence Toppers will not buckle in the strong winter winds, and they are bulletproof.

Fence Toppers fit along the top of a fence and give extra height to your fence without blocking the light or the cooling and drying breeze in the summer months. When you see them in place, you will wonder why you didn’t install them sooner.

An easy to install fence accessory

The big, big plus of the Snap ‘n Lock Fence Toppers is that they are so easy to install. When you want to add the balusters to the gap at the top of your fence, just follow a few simple instructions.

First, mark the places along the fence top where you want to install the Snap ‘n Lock Fence Toppers. The next step is to attach the fittings for the balusters into the marks and the corresponding bottom markers. All the fittings, screws, and balusters come in the Snap ‘n Lock Fence Toppers pack. With the fittings in place, you slide the connectors over the baluster, one at the top and one at the bottom.

Now, this is where the Snap ‘n Lock bit comes into play. You simply put the assembled baluster at the fittings and twist the connectors into the slots. When you hear the snap and lock, you know you are finished.

The job should not have taken you more than a few minutes.

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The finished fence will look terrific

It should only take you a couple of hours to do a fence, depending on how long a fence you have in the yard. Every job is worth doing properly, so take your time and get the baluster installation finished as it should be.

When you have the Snap ‘n Lock Fence Toppers in place, take a step back and admire the work. The finished fence will look terrific, and the top-quality balusters will add a shine and an extra level to the fence. You should be proud of the work and show it off the friends, neighbors, and family.

Fence Toppers

Fence Toppers add curb value every time

It may not be obvious to everyone, but fence toppers add curb value to the property. Remember, the fence is the first thing any visitor, realtor, or potential buyer sees when they approach your home. It is like a greeting card for the property.

Snap ‘n Lock Fence Toppers are such a quality addition that they add plenty of curb value. People will notice them and admire the fine fence and the home behind it.

Fence Toppers

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At Fence Armor® we believe in fence accessories and improving the fence. We know the Snap ‘n Lock Fence Toppers are the quality extras that add curb value. Ask our experts for advice on your next project. Call us today for all your fence post protection needs.

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