Six Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Fence Style

Choosing a fence style is a big decision for any home or business owner. Buying and installing the fence is a big expense but a valuable investment and will add curb value. If you choose the wrong style of fence, you could be buying trouble.

At Fence Armor® we know about fence post protection. We also know about choosing a fence style and getting the correct one for the property. Many fence styles are available, and choosing a fence style can be difficult. Our team of experts put their heads together and came up with questions to ask yourself before choosing a fence style.

Included on our list of questions to ask before choosing a fence style is:

Let's take a closer look at each point.

What do you want your fence to do?

It may seem obvious, but when it comes to fence style, it is a very important question. If you do not know what you want the fence to do, then getting the style right is not easy.

Choosing a style of fence can also mean getting extra security. If security is not a priority, then maybe improving the garden's design may be important. Some people are looking for privacy, and there are many fence styles to help you get that around the yard.

Choosing a fence style

Are you looking for low maintenance?

Every fence will need some maintenance throughout the year. It is good to keep maintenance in mind when choosing a fence style. Do you want to be out staining and sealing a wooden fence ten or fifteen years from now? An ornamental fence will need painting and regular cleaning too.

Maintenance is vital for the long life of a fence. You will need to add fence post protection and do regular inspections of every fence style. As we get older, maintenance is not as easy as it once was and can become a big chore. Think of the future when choosing a fence style.

Style of fence - Metal fence

Will the fence add curb value?

Remember, curb value is an important factor when selling your home. Anything you can do to add curb value may help bring in more cash when your realtor is at work. Choosing a fence style that shows you care for the house and shows off the yard can make a difference.

A fence offering extra security to the property will always add curb value. It can also come with a fence giving a home privacy. A fine style of fence will often tell the person viewing your home that a fence is one issue less to worry about in the sale.

Style of fence - add Curb Value

Who should you ask before choosing a fence style?

There are many people you can ask for advice when choosing a fence style. Often a wise older head can be full of the best answers. A parent or grandparent will have seen a lot through the years and will know which style of fence works and which ones will fail.

It is also a good idea to ask the local Home Owners Association as they may have rules on fence styles. The local planning officer may have suggestions on safety and what style of fence you can have facing the street. Do not choose a fence style before checking the local planning laws.

Choosing a fence style

Is security a big issue for you?

Your home is your castle, and you want to feel secure when relaxing at night. When choosing a fence style, keep security in mind and how it will work around your property. A tall, robust fence can make the garden area very secure and keep your family safe.

Fence material is another vital part of the style of fence question. If you install an ornamental fence, will it also be secure? Will it be easy to climb or cut through when you are asleep or at work for the day? Security is a big issue so ask yourself a few questions before choosing a fence style.

style of fence

Do you need privacy at home?

Privacy is another big issue you need to consider when choosing a fence style. Does your house back onto the neighbor's place? Maybe they take a bit too much interest in what the family is doing when out by the pool? A privacy fence can solve the problem very easily.

There are many excellent privacy fence styles for you to choose from for the home. A tall, secure privacy fence can keep the neighbors out of your business and let you relax in peace. The privacy style of fence is also great for stopping the kids or the dog from running after a stray ball.

Choosing a fence style for Privacy

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At Fence Armor® we know about choosing a fence style. Our experience can help you when you are trying to select the correct style of fence. Ask our experts for advice. Call us today for all your fence protection needs.

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