Six Incredible Benefits of Installing a Privacy Fence

Installing a privacy fence is a smart move for your property. You may not think so at first, but you will understand our excitement when you see all the incredible benefits of installing a privacy fence. People who have installed one on their property often come back to us, thanking our experts for the recommendation.

At Fence Armor® we know about fences and fence protection. Now through our years of being in business, we have amassed a lot of experience and seen many changes. We know fences only improve a property and tell our customers this every day. A privacy fence can be a big undertaking, but we know you will appreciate one when it is installed on the property.

The list of incredible benefits of installing a privacy fence includes:

Let's take a closer look at each point.

Privacy from a privacy fence

It may seem a bit obvious, but one incredible benefit from installing a privacy fence is the privacy. When you install that fine, tall fence, you will stop anyone from looking into your yard. Your neighbors will no longer be able to watch the family playing around the pool. The family can do stuff in the yard and not have to worry about the neighbors keeping you under surveillance.

If you live on a busy street, you will know the problem of people passing by looking into the yard. Even cars might slow down and watch the family having fun. With the fence in place, you do not need to worry about strangers watching you anymore.

Fence Armor Privacy Fence

Increased security is a big bonus

Have you considered the increased security you will get from a privacy fence? When the bad guys cannot see into the yard, they will not be tempted to break into your home. A tall and strong fence is very difficult to climb. If you light it up at night, you can spot any intruders when they try to climb the privacy fence.

You will also get the security of the kids being safe in the yard. They will not be tempted to run after a friend, or the neighbor's dog if they cannot see out on the street. The family pet will not be tempted to chase that cat if it cannot see it on the other side of a privacy fence.

Privacy fence

Getting protection from the wind

If you have a prevailing wind blowing into the yard, it can do a lot of damage. It can harm trees or plants growing in the garden, and too much wind is not good for the lawn. A strong wind can also ruin a sunny day around the pool or the barbecue in the evening.

A benefit of installing a privacy fence is that you can keep the prevailing wind under control. It will not keep blowing through the garden, and the yard will become a nicer place to sit out and enjoy a summer's day.

Backyard Garden

How about more curb value?

A privacy fence will add plenty of curb value, along with all the other benefits, of course. Curb value does so much for a property, and one of its big benefits is how much it can add to the final price you receive when you put your home up for sale.

When a person comes to look at your home, they will admire the fine privacy fence on the property. They will know immediately that the seller is looking after their home. Also, the buyer will see that they will not need to invest in installing one, and it is one less cost for them to consider.

Curb Appeal

You can improve the view too

How often is the view from a home ruined by a busy street or by an ugly building in the distance? Quite a lot, we would reckon. How great would it be if you could cut out the bad view from the house by installing a privacy fence?

With a privacy fence you can block the sight of the busy street or ugly building. Instead, you will only see the sky or the trees, and you will forget about the bad view from before you put up the privacy fence.

Privacy fence

An excellent place to grow plants

A privacy fence is a tall, elegant installation in the garden. You can put a raised bed along the base of the privacy fence and grow plants, flowers and produce for the kitchen. The protection from the wind and rain will be a perfect place for developing a lovely garden.

People also grow shrubs and vines along their fence, and fruit trees are a popular alternative in sunny districts.

Plants + privacy fence

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At Fence Armor® we know the benefits of installing a privacy fence. A privacy fence will improve your yard in many incredible ways. Ask our experts for advice. Call us today for all your fence protection needs.

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