Six Benefits of Installing Post Wraps on Your Fence Posts

Fence post damage will cost you money. Every nick, every chip, and every slice taken out of a post weakens the fence. The damage shortens the life of your fence and may cause it to collapse without warning. The good news is that a post wrap from Fence Armor® offers the perfect solution.

Fence Armor® supplies a 6x6 post wrap, a 4x4 post wrap, and ones for all other post sizes too.  The post wrap will give a lifetime of protection from trimmer and mower damage. Your fence posts will look great protected by a post wrap and will be safe on your property for many years.

If your posts are already damaged, you can still install our post wraps. They will get to work giving fence post protection through the demanding grass and weed cutting months.

The benefits of installing a post wrap on your fence posts include:

  • The post wrap is easy to install
  • Fence Armor® Post Wraps are built to last
  • They protect the fence posts from day one
  • A post wrap is environmentally friendly
  • You will save money with a post wrap
  • Adding some curb appeal to your fence

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

The post wrap is easy to install

We often get calls from clients who want to do a bit of DIY when protecting their fence. We have the products to suit every need.

You can get the standard 6x6 post wrap and 4x4 post wrap for your fence. All other sizes are covered, too, from the 3x3 post wrap to the 8x8 post wrap. They come in the 3- or 6-inch-tall sizes for mail posts and other types of fencing.

The 6x6 post wrap, and all other sizes, is of two equal-sized pieces. You screw one half to the post, just at the ground level, and match with its partner on the other side. They fit tightly and securely and will stay in place for life. When clients know how easy it is to install a 4x4 post wrap, and other sizes, they can’t wait to get started.

Square and rectangular posts are given complete protection. In addition, rural and ranch fences are protected by the round post wrap, which fits all post sizes.

Fence Armor® Post Wraps are built to last

When you want a lifetime of fence post protection, you go for our post wraps. Not only are they easy to install, but they are also built to last.

Our post wraps are American-made, from American galvanized steel. The coating protects against rust.  The 6x6 post wrap and the 4x4 post wrap, and all other sizes are made the same. You know once they are in place that the post wrap means business.

It will protect against weed trimmer, or weedwhacker, nicks, and cuts.

Fence Armor Line-Up

They protect the fence posts from day one

There is no hanging about with a fence post wrap. It gets to work on day one, protecting the posts and keeping your fence safe.

All you will need to do is get down on your knees and install the post wrap. It will do the rest, stopping the trimmer and mower from cutting the posts. Dogs and wildlife can take a liking to your fence posts, too, nibbling away to sharpen their teeth. Not anymore with your fence post protection in place.

With the 6x6 post wrap, or other sizes, installed, you can relax knowing the fence is safe.

A post wrap is environmentally friendly

Without the post wrap installed, your fence posts are open to damage. With every nick and cut, you will have to treat the wood in case moisture, termites, and mildew get a hold in the posts. All that treating with chemicals is expensive and not good for the environment.

Without our post wraps, you may need to replace your fence posts regularly. Damage can cause the posts to go beyond repair.

Unnecessary waste and replacing of posts are not environmentally friendly. Using a post wrap protects the fence for life, ensuring you get the most from your investment in the project.

Fence Armor environmentally friendly

You will save money with post wrap

Think about it for a minute. You install a great new fence but then leave it unprotected from trimmer, animal, and mower damage. Why spend all that money and put your investment at risk?

By installing 6x6 post wrap, you will save yourself money, a lot of money, over the years. The protected posts will not need replacing or repairing. There will not be any need to call out the contractor because the fence posts are falling over.

Install post wraps and save yourself money.

Saving money

Adding some curb appeal to the fence

Your fence will look great when it is protected with post wraps. The clean lines and stylish designs can add a lot to your fence.

A post wrap can also add curb appeal. Not only will the fence look great for life, but visitors to your home will know you care for your fence. Anyone thinking of buying your property will see the post wraps and know they will not need to worry about the fence.

Simple additions give curb appeal. For example, a Fence Armor® 6x6 post wrap and other sizes are easy to install and adds instant value to your fence.

Curb Appeal

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At Fence Armor® we know about fence post protection. A fence post wrap protects against trimmer and mower damage. We can help you plan your fence project. Ask our experts for advice. Call us today for all your fence post protection needs.

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