SIEVERT Professional Heavy-Duty Torch Tutorial | How To | Fence Armor

All right guys thank you for clicking on the link for the SSievert Professional Torch, comes in its nice bag so it's handy to bring out in the field with you. We really like to see their torch, it's a professional torch, a little on the pricey side potentially but way cheaper than most of the other sites you'll find. People use this for roofing, they'll use it for all kinds of applications that you may have but obviously for installing Postsaver it works perfectly. o in the bag you'll see the torch and the hose of course. It comes with a regulator, it's got the big bellows there on the nozzle so it gives you a nice even flow. So there we are, here we can unwind it. There's your regulator so again on your tank typically you'll find an outside thread for your barbecue on the inside there is another thread and that's the the 5c thread that you want to use and just put that in there and remember the thread is opposite to what you're used to gas is always the reverse it is not righty tighty lefty loosey it’s lefty tighty righty lucy. So I like to give it a little extra tightening here nothing too too wild but enough to make sure that uh we're on there good okay so this regulator obviously would be on, you want to turn your gas on and now you've got gas running through and then you've got another regulator at this end so we’re, we've got regulators everywhere. Make sure you get exactly what you're looking for, if you turn it off here for a moment um you can hear, I just press the trigger to remove the gas in here. I wanted to show you another feature, this bellows is removable so you can buy other fittings. So if you needed a different fitting for a different application you could go ahead and remove that and use a different fitting, pop it back in and lock it and now you've got this valve back again. So very handy, Swedish made, excellent quality unit and eventually when the trigger flint gives up you can replace that with a kit that's available on our site as well. So I'll get the gas going again here, so to turn it on basically you make sure your gas is open on on all sides. You'll hear the the gas running so you can adjust this here. You want to be about 17 or 18 inches away but the nice thing is you release the gas and the flames off. Press it again and you're back in business so again excellent torch. When you're done you can turn off your gas at each end here to be sure it's all off and then you want to make sure you release any of the gas that's in the line so it's all clear. Great torch, can't speak enough about it, we use it all the time, guys in the in the field really enjoy using it. A quality piece of equipment.