Should You Install a Fence Yourself or Hire a Professional?

It is a question we hear a lot of the time around our office. Should you install a fence yourself, or should you hire a professional? There are a few answers to the question, but few qualifiers too. Nothing is ever simple in life, and installing a fence is never easy.

At Fence Armor® we know plenty about how to install a fence. We advise people on fence post protection and how to install a fence all the time. It can be a big project to undertake and one you should do properly from day one. If you look around the neighborhood, you will see plenty of fences installed by professionals. The work is excellent, and the fence adds plenty of curb value to the property. At the same time, you would like to install a fence yourself and be proud of the work around your yard.

Included on the pros and cons list of should you install a fence or hire a professional is:

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

You need plenty of tools to install a fence

It may seem obvious but installing a fence is not an easy job. You might think that it does not involve much work, but it does and time too. Installing a fence requires plenty of tools to do the work as well.

You will need a range of power tools. Some of them are a power drill, electric screwdriver, and a good saw. The tools are not cheap to buy, especially the quality ones you need to do a good job. How about digging the holes for the fence posts? What tools do you need here?

Every part of installing a fence requires tools, so think about this before beginning a project.

Install a fence

Do you know how to install a fence yourself?

Another question many DIY people forget about when planning to install a fence on the property. Surely, they think, it is just a job of digging holes, placing the fence posts, and adding the rails. Do enough of it, and you will quickly have a fence.

Outside of the tools, think about the other tasks. How do you make sure the fence is in a straight line? What will you need to keep the fence posts secure in the ground through all those winter storms? Is it easy to attach the rails to the posts, and how do you finish off the fence?

Fence post protection is vital when installing a fence. Do you know where to buy the best products and how do you attach them?

A professional will have the experience

You hire a professional to do the work because of their experience, and they have the experience you cannot buy at the local store. You may learn from your mistakes, but the professional will have seen it all before and know how to solve any problems.

A professional fence company will also have a crew to do the work. If you are doing the work yourself with maybe the odd helper here and there, the fence may suffer. Without someone to tell you what to do or advise you on the best methods, your fence may never get built.

Installing a fence - gear you need

How about permits, boundaries, and buried utilities?

Another area where a professional will have the upper hand.

When installing a fence, you will need to know about permits, boundaries, and where buried utilities are on your property. You may think you know about these subjects, but when you start to install a fence, you quickly will see the error of your ways.

We know of people who have installed a fence on their property, only to find out later that it is the neighbor’s yard. People have often installed a fence without a permit and soon discover that they cannot have a fence at that part of the garden, or maybe it is the wrong type of fence. How often do you hear of a DIY builder cutting into a water pipe or the telephone cable because they never checked with the utility company?

If you are building a fence yourself, always find out what lies beneath before digging.


Install a fence - planning

Maybe install a small fence first

Installing a fence yourself can be very satisfying. You can show it off to visitors, family members, and neighbors when they come calling. Looking out and seeing your own work in the yard will make you very happy.

Why not start with a small fence. Learning on the job is a great way to get experience, and this is very true when installing a fence.

Installing a fence - prepration

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