Setting Up Your Torch for Postsaver Sleeve Installation | Fence Armor

All right guys we're uh here at a customer site, so here's a Sievert Torch. Just changing the topic now and it doesn't matter which torch you're using in North America, certainly we have I think what's called a 5c threaded portion on your regulator. What you want to do is you'll notice this is a typical uh propane that you would use on your barbecue and on the barbecue you're using the outside thread but if you look carefully on the inside, there's an inside thread and that inside thread is a left hand thread which means it's opposite to righty tighty lefty loosey. So what you want to do is get it in and then turn it to the left which is actually tightening the thread so um that's something to keep in mind when you're working on on this and it doesn't have to be super, super tight but I like to get it in a little bit a little bit tighter maybe with one or two, just just get it, make sure that we're on there okay and that should do it. So once you get it on, that's nice and a little snug then you got a regulator here and you've got another regulator here for your torch uh, for your flame and then that's your trigger, uh receiver. So important too that this is a soft flame torch, it's got a big bellow so if you have a weed torch or something like that that should do the trick also.