Semi Transparent and Semi Solid Stains Explained w/ Stain & Seal Experts | Fence Armor

Hey Facebook it's Caleb with Stain & Seal Experts, I wanted to explain some of the differences between semi-solids and semi-transparent stains in our stain line here. I’m joined here i'll warn you by the shop dog his name is Bigfoot and he is here to help me do this demonstration. So you're going to notice these colors here this is a semi-transparent stain color and what you see here these are pet friendly stains obviously what you see here is you see through the wood grain you see the beauty of the wood grain so if the wood grain is ugly you're going to see that if the wood grain is beautiful you're going to see that as well and as we move over here to our semi-solid stains you're going to notice that you still see the wood grain and some of these have ran together because we put them all on one sample board but these stains here cover things up really nicely like there's our Chocolate stain it's the color of a dark Hershey's chocolate bar, colors cover things up real nice there's our Sable right there and it just really makes things uniform so if you've got sprinkler marks on a fence if you've got uh old boards and new boards it's all going to blend in and look nice so there you go it's a really overcast day today so sorry you can't really get the true effect of that Chocolate stain but it's a really beautiful color and that's it. Notice it's really uniform there's no funkiness in there like you see with some stains and that's what we want, that's what we're looking for so if you got an ugly fence maybe think about using a semi-solid color to cover it up if you've got something just really beautiful you can look at something like this Black Cherry color it's kind of one of our custom special colors that we do for some people but there it is guys that's the difference between semi-transparent and semi-solids if you want something to show off a new fence I really push you to the semi-transparent color line but if you got a really old treated pine fence or an old something just old and nasty go with the semi-solids they look great. Have a good one guys.