Round Protection - The Rural Post Protection You Need | Fence Armor

Shield Your Round Posts with Fence Armor’s Durable,

Customizable Protection Series


Maintaining secure, long-lasting fences starts with preserving the integrity of vulnerable round posts. Fence Armor offers heavy-duty round guards to defend posts from all threats to keep fences fortified for good.

The Constant Threat to Unprotected Round Posts

Lawn mowers, landscaping equipment, curious animals, and other fence hazards are always lying in wait, threatening to chip away at unshielded wooden, metal, and vinyl posts over time through cracks and abrasions that compromise structural stability.

Fence Armor’s Round Series: The Ultimate Protective Barrier

Fence Armor’s round series offers adjustable galvanized steel or powder coated guards to fully encase round posts of all sizes and materials with a formidable protective casing that withstands it all.

Customizable, Universal Protection Against Any Threat

With adjustable diameter and positioning, these guards custom-fit any round post width securely. The 5-inch height aptly shields vulnerability, keeping posts safe from lawnmowers, animals, outdoor elements and more over the long haul.

Durable Materials Withstand Years of Outdoor Exposure

Crafted from robust galvanized steel or a resilient powder coated surface, Fence Armor stands up to endless weathering and wear without corrosion, abrasions, or other degradation.

Quick DIY Installation, Easy Repositioning

These covers conveniently slip over and adjust to posts rapidly for instant protection on demand. And they’re easily removable whenever access to the post is needed.


Fence Armor’s Round Series delivers the ultimate line of defense to preserve cherished fences for generations to come. With unending durability and a custom-contoured fit for all round posts, these guards are the all-weather impact solution built to last.