Round Protection - The Rural Post Protection You Need | Fence Armor

Hi I'm Al Martins. Today in this video we're talking about Fence Armor Round Protection, our round series comes in two different versions; beyond the colors you can get it powder-coated. Same Galvanized sSteel but our round is obviously designed for round posts and you can see from the slots and the keys that we have an opportunity to adjust because round posts aren't perfect. That might be five inches, it might be six and a half, they might be tapered. So, the idea behind it is of course you would surround your post with Fence Armor. It’s about five inches high and then you would lock it down with those three hole positions and now you'd have your post perfectly protected again from the weed whackers or lawn equipment or other things. Even animals, oftentimes people use our round series on the top of the post as well to protect from horse cribbing. It gives it a nice look to all of them, Galvanized Steel powder-coated to look great and adjustable so that you can fit any size post.