Protecting Your Fence Posts, and the Environment

Protecting your fence posts, and the environment is all part of the annual maintenance plan. When you make the investment in a fence, you want it to last for many a long year. Protecting your fence posts does not need to harm the environment. The two should always go together.

The environment around the fence is a large part of what makes it an attractive sight. Think of all the flowers, trees, and shrubs you can grow through and around a fence. We know clients who grow produce in the raised beds beneath their privacy fence. Protecting fence posts will keep all that growth going in a safe environment.

At Fence Armor, we believe in protecting the Earth and its precious environment. Let's take a look at how we do that while also protecting your fence posts.

Protecting the fence posts with Post Guards

Products meant to prevent grass trimmer nicks often involve non-recyclable plastics or even herbicides. We know the damage these can cause to the environment. Often, they are not very good at their job, too.

Our Post Guards give protection where it is needed the most. Protecting fence posts is what they do best. They are American-made and of American, galvanized steel. You can easily fit them to any post size, and the Post Guards will not let you down. Watch our easy-to-follow videos for more information on fitting the Post Guards to fence and mail posts.

You can also remove the Post Guards if you are moving home, saving the need to purchase new ones. Galvanized steel is a recyclable material and has many uses. To add to the environmental friendliness of the product, it comes in 100% recyclable packaging.

Postsaver® Sleeves protecting fence posts too

Our easy-to-apply Postsaver® sleeves work at protecting your fence posts from the effects of the weather. The sleeves work below ground, where the fence posts need the most protection. By creating a water and air-tight seal around the posts, the wood will stay free of moisture. Your posts will not suffer the effects of rot, mildew, termites, or ice damage.

At Fence Armor®, we're very mindful of the impact fencing has on the renewable forestry industry. We know the importance of saving our trees. The cost of replacing a fence is devastating for you. Think too of all those trees which have to come down to make your new fence.

Postsaver® sleeves from Fence Armor® are designed for protecting your fence posts. They also work on other structures such as your mail post and the cedar deck posts. The longevity that this product offers means you won't have to replace your posts any time soon. Every 16 protected fence posts saves one tree that would otherwise be cut down to produce replacements.

Tree Graphic It may not seem like much, but consider the impact of a large, rural-area fence using Fence Armor® Postsaver sleeves. There is only a need to apply the sleeves once, and they will be protecting your fence posts for years. You can save money and the environment.

It's your fence; look after it

A fence is a big investment in a property. It will protect you, your family, the home, and even your pets. Ranchers and farmers know how important a good fence is to caring for their livestock.

The fence around your home will also add curb appeal. The prospective buyer will see the effect of the fine fence and know it is one less thing to worry about. You need to care for your fence. Protecting fence posts by installing Fence Armor® products will save your fence and the environment.

Protect your investment in your fence by caring for it with the best protective products from Fence Armor®.

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At Fence Armor® we know about protecting the environment. We also see the importance of protecting your fence posts. It is possible to do both with our products. Ask our experts for advice on Post Guards and Postsaver® sleeves.

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