Protecting Ornamental Fencing With A Strimmer Guard

Protecting ornamental fencing is a top 10 subject with Fence Armor® clients. After investing time and money in their fencing, people naturally want to protect it. Some clients call after a season of strimmer damage. They now see the damage and need to do something about it. The posts are looking bad but better late than never when it comes to protecting ornamental fencing.

At Fence Armor® we love helping our clients. We know it is easy to say this, but we strongly believe in our products. Our team has spent years researching, developing, and manufacturing fence post protection products. The confidence we have in our products comes from knowing they work. We put together this post to help you, our clients, see what a strimmer guard can do.

Included in our guide to protecting ornamental fencing with a strimmer guard is:

  • Being aware of the problem is half the battle
  • Time for the Fence Armor® strimmer guards
  • Protecting ornamental fencing with a strimmer guard
  • Other steps to take in the garden

Let’s take a closer look at each point on the list.

Being aware of the problem is half the battle

So you’ve installed some beautiful ornamental fencing on your property. The family loves it, and the neighbors are stopping by to admire the new fence. When you drive past in the evening, your ornamental fencing welcomes your home.

The problems start happening once yard maintenance season begins in the late spring. The guys are out with their mowers tidying up all the new growth and putting a shape on your property. Around your posts, though, the grass is thick, and the mower can’t reach in there. Out comes the grass strimmer, and they get to work.

Strimmer cord cuts wrought iron, aluminum, or metal posts at speed. It nicks, chops and slices away over a season of grass cutting. By fall, your posts are in bad shape. Some thin posts may be cracked and about to tip over. Other ones are chipped and open to moisture damage with the outer protective coat gone. Either way, your ornamental fence does not look as good as it did in spring.

Your ornamental fence is in trouble.

Damaged Ornamental

Time for the Fence Armor® strimmer guards 

When protecting ornamental fencing from strimmer damage, you need to install fence guards. Fence Armor® strimmer guards provide complete protection from strimmer damage. They also offer peace of mind to the ornamental fence owner.

Our strimmer guards are made from galvanized American steel. We manufacture them in the USA, and they fit every US post size. A great extra of our guards is that they are easy to attach to a fence post. You just slide them on either side, at the determined ground-level spot, and click-lock them into place. They sit at the correct height for protecting against strimmer damage and give years of protection.

Fence Armor® offers complete protection and the demi protection guards for the low-bottom rail fences. We have a range of colors and do custom colors on request. For more information, you can watch our helpful videos here.

Protecting ornamental fencing with a strimmer guard

Take a look at your ornamental fencing and where it is weakest. The chances are that the foot of each post is where the damage is happening. Attaching our strimmer guards will give you the protection every fence post needs.

Grass strimmer damage happens all the time. Maintenance crews just want to get in and out again and move on to the next property. Protecting ornamental fencing is not their priority.

When you install our strimmer guards, you are protecting the ornamental fence from damage. Now the Fence Armor® strimmer guards are taking the whipping from the weed wackers and mowers. You can remove the guards if painting the fence. The unique click-lock system makes this easy to do with a screwdriver, and reattaching them is as easy as pie.

Protecting ornamental fencing with a strimmer guard makes sense.

Fence Armor Ornamental Post Guard

Other steps to take in the garden

Do not ignore the wooden fences when working outside. They, too, need protection from strimmer damage, and our Post Guards do an excellent job here. Easy to attach and made to the same quality as the strimmer guards, Post Guards look after your fencing.

You can also attach our Post Sleeves to a wooden post before burying it in the dirt. Post Sleeves protect against rot, dampness, and termite damage and come in singles, packs of ten, or on a roll.

Doing fence maintenance need not take a lot of time, but it will save you plenty of money.

Postsaver sleeves on wooden post

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At Fence Armor®, we know about protecting ornamental fencing. Our strimmer guards do the work and keep the fence looking perfect. Our experts will advise on any project. Call us today for all your fence post protection needs.

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