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I bet you have heard the saying "imitation is the best form of flattery". In the world of fence protection, there hasn't been a solution until we created Fence Armor. We have seen our fair share of home-made solutions, but none are exceptionally safe or impressive looking. In the engineering process of Fence Armor, we kept in mind that fence protection requires a well-thought out, strong design - built to last. We thank all of those home-made solutions in guiding us in the do's and don'ts of fence protection to make Fence Armor what it is today.

As mentioned above, we have seen close to everything imaginable as a make-shift fence protection; aluminum flashing, pool liner, wood planks around the post, plastics, etc. None of those options are very visually appealing on your fence, but most importantly, they do not offer the best protection.

Recently, we had an HOA call us and say we need Fence Armor. They currently had aluminum flashing and it was denting, causing damage to the trimmers and actually harming some of the neighborhood dogs. We are proud to say that Fence Armor offers a simple and beautiful installation option that has filleted corners to make sure it doesn’t harm your furry companions or the trimmers.

We had the pleasure of personally doing the installation for this HOA. We first had to remove the damaged aluminum flashing and then cleaned the posts to make a great base for the Fence Armor. This particular HOA had a beautiful vinyl, clay fence, so naturally, they chose to go with the Clay Fence Armor in our Professional Series. The Professional Series is 6” High, unlike our regular Fence Armor that is 3” High. It is perfect for this HOA as their landscapers are quite harsh. After many hours of work in the hot summer sun, we are so impressed with the results and can’t wait for the lovely families of the HOA to enjoy a beautiful looking fence for many years to come.

If you want to see footage we captured from the install, check out our video:

So to close, why do we suggest going with Fence Armor and not a DIY option? Quality and longevity, plain and simple. We have spent the time and effort to give you the leading post protection product and we know it will keep your fence looking beautiful and protected for many years to come.

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