Product Review - Fence Armor Post Gurad

Hello friends today I review a nifty outdoor home-improvement product called Fence Armor stay tuned. The good people at Fence Armor reached out to me a little while ago and asked if I would review their product and I happily said yes so they sent me a box with these three packages. Inside as the packaging states, Fence Armor is proudly made in Canada and so the instructions on the box are in English and en Français. There isn't much to the instructions, not that they're necessarily needs to be it's more of a description of the types of finishes on one side and then on the back it shows that you can have these for wood, metal, vinyl or round fittings. All right, now let's open up the package. Inside we have a crumpled up piece of brown paper for cushioning during shipping and then there are six pieces of Fence Armor. My fence posts are each about four inches square so I'm going to put two of these back-to-back and that will cover the base so six pieces does three bases of fence posts and as you can see they're incredibly sturdy upon closer inspection you can see that I have a nice wood finish here because I have wood fence posts. Fence Armor is stamped at the top and on the back, you get a better look of that galvanized steel. Installation is a breeze with these self-tapping screws you just put them up and go and you don't need to pre-drill a hole, my one complaint though is that the screws have Robertson heads where I live Phillips heads are the most common and most people don't have Robertson bits, it would have been nice if a bit was included in the packaging but fortunately enough for me I was able to find something and make it work. If you enjoy watching product reviews like this head on over to my Patreon page and tell me. A buck a month is a great way of saying keep up the good work Midwest Man Mountain, thanks. Well I used the weed whacker on my Fence Armor and I didn't see any marks so I picked a post in my backyard and I thought I'm gonna give it a rough treatment here we go by now you can see all the damage on the post just below the Fence Armor, the piece itself is just barely scraped some of the finishes off but that's not too bad let's take a look underneath of the fence now look at that the post its great. The only mark is the hole from the screw there's not even an indent from the hammer I'm very very pleased if it can stand up to all of these it's going to be great for weed whacking. Well there you have it Fence Armor is incredibly strong it can easily withstand cuts from a weed whacker and bumps from a lawn mower and wax from a hatchet and cuts from a saw and everything in between and your fence post will be entirely protected I was surprised I didn't know what to expect when I was beating it with a hammer for instance I thought for sure it would cause a dent in my fence post underneath but to my surprise it was incredibly protected now of course you're not going to go out and go into your fence post and take a saw to it you know purposefully or take a hammer to it or an ice pick for goodness sake but I want to show you the truth and the durability of this. It's a galvanized steel and it's pretty strong, Fence Armor is very intuitive right from the get-go, I mean it's very simple um it's one piece screw hole screw hole screw hole and you just line it up and screw it in where you want to go, the packs of self-tapping screws are really handy you don't have to pre-drill the hole and then line it up after the fact you just stick it in and drive it in where you want to go. The only con it was that the pack of self-tapping screws didn’t have a Robertson bit so if they would add that to the pack moving forward that would be great but if you have a couple bits at home you should be able to find one that works I highly recommend Fence Armor for anybody who wants to protect a post of any kind be it let's say the base of a wooden basketball hoop or a mailbox post or a fence post of course or so you have a post in your garden that you use for a trellis this would be terrific as well, it'll go a long way for anybody who just put up a big fence say you just installed one you spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a fence and you want it to last a long time, Fence Armor is the perfect addition it's the cherry on top of that beautiful cake of a fence you just put up. Put Fence Armor on the base of all of your posts and that way you never have any sort of rot out or nicks or any sort of damage on the base of your fence posts I mean It's kind of a no-brainer. So in sum, I definitely give Fence Armor a great big thumbs up special thanks to the people of Fence Armor for reaching out to me to do a review, I really enjoyed it and they make a very nice aesthetic and practical addition to my fence. Thank you very much, thank you all for taking the time to watch this video I'm the Midwest Man Mountain, thanks for subscribing and until next time bye.