Postsaver Installer Training

Welcome to the Postsaver approved installer short film during the next three minutes you'll see why supplying fencing fitted with the Postsaver fence post protection system can save your customers both time and money whilst also improving sales and profits. It is an inevitable fact that timber fencing rots and ultimately fails at ground level and rotten posts mean scrap fences. Until 2004 chrome and arsenic preservatives were used to try to fight this problem, these are now banned, they're environmentally friendly replacements are far less effective. Fortunately, the Postsaver protective sleeve system has been developed as an environmentally friendly way of preventing ground rot in timber fence posts by keeping preservatives in and decay out. This system has been used extensively in the USA and Europe since the early 1990s. Postsaver is a dual layer sleeve product that consists of a tough polythene outer layer with a bituminous lining, the sleeves are available in a range of sizes and are easily applied to the ground line section of your normal fence posts. Application of the sleeves is a very straightforward process using the Postsaver gas-powered pro contractor machine, turn the gas on and light the machine. Once up to temperature, simply slide the sleeve onto the post to the required burial depth and insert the post into the preheated oven at 350 degrees for approximately 30 seconds, the bituminous lining melts and seals the timber surface whilst the outer tough polythene layer shrinks and bounds to the bitumen. The post is then removed from the oven, if the post is square simply use the supplied ruler to adhere the bitumen to the timber. The post is ready for immediate installation by applying Postsaver dual layer sleeves to your normal posts you're creating double life posts which in turn will create double life fencing. Postsaver double life fencing is a premium higher margin product which you can offer to your customers alongside your standard fencing. As an approved installer you'll be provided with Postsaver consumer marketing material enabling you to give your customers a real choice whilst raising their awareness that standard fencing simply won't last as long as it used to offering your customers a premium higher margin product in the form of Postsaver double life fencing really is that simple. For your trade pack on how to become a Postsaver approved installer call or email, be one step ahead of the competition, choose Postsaver.