Post Protector - Fence Armor

Best defense for your fence. Power trimmers will attack your posts. Chewing them to bits compromising the protective finish. This weakens your fence posts so moisture and pests can invade. Your posts become damaged, unsightly and require costly replacement. Fence Armor protects your fence posts, keeping them safe from damages caused by lawn equipment. It goes on in minutes to keep your fence looking great for years. Fence Armor is made of sturdy, durable galvanized steel to last a lifetime. It comes in a variety of sizes in both square and round shapes that fit perfectly on virtually any type of fence, including wood, fences, vinyl, metal and round. Fence Armor also comes in Demi sizes to fit snugly on shallow depths. It has a durable, powder coated finish that comes in a variety of fashionable colors and textures, and even custom logo designs to keep your fence looking great. All Fence Armor pieces have rounded edges to go easy on your trimmer's filament, and with the unique two piece design, you can protect either half or the whole post. Damaged fence posts will cost hundreds of dollars to replace. No worker would go near a construction site without his steel towed shoes. You shouldn't own a fence without Fence Armor. Protect your investment and add years to the life of your fence in just minutes.

Save our trees. Get Fence Armor today. It's the best defense for your fence.