Fence Armor® Mailbox Post Protectors

Fence Armor® Mailbox Post Protectors

Jan 14 2021

Square and Rectangular Post Mailbox Protectors

3” & 6” Tall

Round Post Mailbox Protectors 5” Tall
Mailbox Post Trimmer Guard

Mailbox Protectors For Square, Rectangular and Round Posts

The Mailbox Protector from Fence Armor® fits a variety of sizes, heights, and shapes. Sold in pairs, with available matching fasteners, the 3.00˝ tall Full Protection Mailbox Protector, and the 6.00˝ tall Pro Series Mailbox Protector, protect square or rectangular mailbox posts measuring 3.00˝ x 3.00˝ up to 8.00˝ x 8.00˝. While our 5.00˝ tall Round Protection Mailbox Protector fits diameters varying 3.00˝ to 7.00˝ and larger.

Made from 100% American steel, and manufactured entirely in North America, the Fence Armor® Mailbox Protector is used by homeowners, landscapers and lawn maintenance crews alike, protecting residential and commercial properties, gated communities, public properties, and so much more.

Increase property curb appeal instantly with many premium powder-coated colors to choose from. One of the more popular Mailbox Protector colors and sizes is the 4x4 post sleeve black and 6x6 mailbox post base protector. With matching black fasteners, this popular color beautifully integrates into the surroundings, receding easily and seamlessly for a visually uninterrupted view, and neighborhood-friendly aesthetic. The 4x4 post sleeve black is perfect for that sleek, simple design to beautify any post. Try the mailbox post base protector and matching fasteners in other premium powder-coated colors such as redwood, brown, galvanized steel, almond, white, clay, pressure-treated green, and dark green. Or for a custom, fully integrated curb appeal, ask us about custom colors. 

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The Benefits of Using a Mailbox Protector at the Curb

Fence Armor® Mailbox Protector products offer durable, environmentally-friendly, 365/360° Protection from weedwacker trimmer damage, pets, rodents and lawn-mowers. Reduce costly fence maintenance expenses when you choose the Fence Armor® Mailbox Protector, mailbox post trimmer guard.

Adding a Fence Armor® Mailbox Protector around any new, or existing, freshly painted, or stained, square, or rectangular post, keeps them looking great for much longer. The 4x4 post sleeve black, alongside the many other sizes and color options, allows you to bring your yard design to life. The Fence Armor® Mailbox Protector makes yard clean-up, and post maintenance from weedwacker damage, quick, easy, and worry-free. Put a Fence Armor® mailbox post base protector to work on your property today. Keeping your property in tip-top shape has never been so easy, or cost-effective – a Fence Armor® mailbox post base protector beautifies and prolongs the life of any post instantly, so you can enjoy your curb appeal for years to come.

Mailbox Protection

The Mailbox Protector That Installs Quickly and Easily

The Fence Armor® mailbox post base protector is a smart, two-piece design. A telescopic design means the common 6x6 or 4x4 mailbox post trimmer guard easily fits square and rectangular posts. Use one-piece or both pieces. Plus, mixing ’n’ matching colors is so easy, and convenient, too. To install the Mailbox Protector, simply position the mailbox post base protector at 1.00˝ to 2.00˝ above ground level and fasten. You can use two screws on the front and back pieces. Or, use all four screws, when you fasten one screw on either side of the post, in the side slots provided.

Measure your 4x4 or 6x6 Post Twice to Get the Right-sized Mailbox Protector

Two of the most commonly sold post sizes are 4x4 and 6x6. So it’s no wonder that most think a standard 4x4 mailbox post trimmer guard will fit their 4x4 posts. But did you know these are often not their true sizes? If you measured a 4x4 post, you might find it ranges from 3.375˝ x 3.375˝ to 4.1875˝ x 4.1875˝. Be sure to measure your post before you order any of our mailbox post base protector. Fence Armor® Mailbox Protector offers mailbox post trimmer guard sizes ranging from 3.00˝ x 3.00˝ up to 8.00˝ x 8.00˝. The 4x4 post sleeve black is one of our most popular Fence Armor® Mailbox Protector choices.

Have a rectangular post? All Fence Armor’s engineered Mailbox Protector is designed to fit both square and rectangular posts alike.

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More on Mailbox Protector Size & Installation

The Many Uses of the Fence Armor® Mailbox Protector 

The mailbox post base protector isn’t just a great mailbox post trimmer guard, it also duals as our 3.00˝ tall Full Protection Post Protector, designed to protect fence, deck, pergola, gazebo, or even swing set posts from damage.

As mentioned above, we offer a wide range of premium powder-coated post guards for you to chose from. Our 4x4 post sleeve black offers a sleek and sophisticated style that can upgrade any property’s curb appeal. The great thing about the 4x4 post sleeve black, along with our other Fence Armor® mailbox protector colors, is that they are able to mix and match, creating a unique and eye-catching style that showcases who you are. 

To purchase your Fence Armor® Mailbox Protector, measure your posts carefully and order from our website.

Square and Rectangular Mailbox Post Guards
Full Post Protection 3" Tall







Square and Rectangular Mailbox Post Guards
Pro Series Post Protection 6" Tall





Round Mailbox Post Guards – Post Protection 5”Tall







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Need something larger? Custom sizes are also available.

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