Paints, Stains & Sealants: Everything You Need to Know About Wood Protection

Wood protection is a serious business. A wood fence, deck, or mailbox post will suffer if you do not keep up with your maintenance plans. Any wood structure outdoors all year round is under constant attack. In the summer, it’s the sun and UV rays. During the autumn, conditions can be just right for mold to grow, and the winter is all about storms and ice-cold weather. Anything can happen in the spring, and often, the worst damage results from an early year storm or cold snap.

At Fence Armor® we believe everyone needs to know about protecting wood. Too many customers tell us about damage to the fence or deck which could have been prevented. It does not take long to add a coat of stain or seal to the fence or give the mailbox a fresh lick of paint. As a reminder to everyone about the need for wood protection, we put together this post.

Included on our list of everything you need to know about wood protection is:

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Wood protection begins on day one

‘He, or she, who hesitates is lost,’ goes the old saying, and it is very true when it comes to protecting wood. You need to be out there caring for that wood fence or deck from the moment it goes into place. There is no point in waiting for the first winter storm to start a coat of sealant.

Even before you start construction, you can practice good wood protection habits. Make sure you use pressure-treated wood that will add to the wood’s natural defences. By using wood from native trees and sourced as locally as possible, you will be a step ahead of any threat to your structures.

Wood protection - Staining a fence

A coat of stain adds a touch of color

Protecting wood is all about keeping the wood safe from any attacks. You can also add a touch of color by choosing a stain for the wood. The stain will soak deep into the wood and protect it almost from the inside out. Older structures really benefit from the oils in the stain working on the wood.

At Fence Armor® we recommend Stain & Seal Experts products for all your wood protection needs. Their products are professional grade but go on very easily and soak deep into the wood. The range has a choice of colors that should match any North American wood and will protect in all weather.

Protecting wood with EXPERT Stain & Seal

The sealant will protect the wood

We often get asked the difference between a sealant and a stain. An obvious answer is that the stain adds a shade of color, which your wood may be missing. A sealant will seal the wood and should have a UV barrier for extra protection against the sun’s rays.

A Stain & Seal Experts sealant will go on either as a clear or semi-transparent coat. The sealant should highlight the wood’s natural color and bring out the grain. The wood will not absorb water, protecting the wood for what should be good for a number of years.

Painting the fence protects it too

Many people love a good coat of paint on their fence or deck. The choice of colors, of course, is wider than the stain options, and you can match the color scheme of your home. Paint adds a layer of wood protection against rain, ice, and the sun’s rays. Make sure to use outdoor paint on wood.

You may need to scrape off and sand away old paint, especially if it is flaking or cracking. The wood on an old fence or deck may need a coat of primer to keep it from soaking up too much paint. A drawback with paint is that it may need touching up or even a new coat every year or two.

Protecting wood - Painting a fence

Keep to the maintenance schedule

You should always draw up a maintenance schedule for the garden and backyard. With your fence, deck, or mailbox posts, you will need to think about protecting the wood. Structures outdoors will need a high level of wood protection, and you must keep to the maintenance schedule each season.

Check every inch of the wood structure for nicks, cuts, and other signs of damage. After a storm, ensure that every post is safe in the soil and look for cracks caused by falling branches. Always bring a toolbox for on-the-spot repairs. Cleaning the wood keeps mold, fungi, and stains under control.

Protecting wood - stick to Maintenance schedule

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At Fence Armor® we believe in wood protection. If you do not care for your wood fence, deck, or mailbox post, it will rot before your eyes. Our experts can help with any maintenance plans. Call us today for all your wood protection needs.

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