PA Wholesale Distributor Postsaver Install | Fence Armor

Hi this is Chris Caruso with Cosurac Distributors here to demonstrate putting a Postsaver on one of our 4x4 posts. So here we have a 4x4 pressure-treated post that's 8 foot long, we've determined that our ground line will be at 27 inches and therefore our top of sleeve will be at 29 inches so what the Postsaver is going to do, it's a great product it is going to protect the area of the posts that typically rots out. That tends to happen from ground line to about eight to ten inches or so below grade. When we put this bitumen sleeve on there and it's heat sealed you can take a typical pressure treated post and now you can give it a 20 year warranty ah which is one of the best in the business and it gives you longevity, especially when you're spending so much money to put your fence install, no install your fence. What we're going to do is take a tape measure and we're going to mark the 27 inch mark and we're going to mark our 29 inch line in this case, now your ground conditions could be different in terms of height. Oh what kind of fence you're putting in that will all determine where you're going to put your sleeve, this is just where we're going to put it for ours. What we have is a Postsaver 4.5 sleeve it's meant for 4x4 posts it measures right around 13 and a half inches long 13 and 3/4 inches long so it's going to protect that area that typically gets rot and breaks your post we were going to go ahead and slide this right over to our 29 inch mark all right and then what we're going to do, we want to wear safety glasses to protect yourself, we're going to go ahead and start the torch we're going to apply even heat around all four sides. We have a bucket of water here for us and a roller so what happens is is once we're done we want to just go ahead and lightly hit all four sides with the roller just to make sure everything is nice and sealed so I'm going to go ahead and get started, here is our torch. So you're going to just go nice and easily apply heat to both sides okay making sure that we don't apply too much heat at any one time. What will happen is if you do too much you will actually get it to melt on you so we just apply nice even heat to it. Go ahead if it does catch fire just blow it out and it won't hurt anything. Get a little water on the end of your roller here and just roll the edges nice and easy making sure you seal it. Don't push out the bitumen too far what will end up happening is you'll start to get a lot of bitumen up past the Postsaver and then it actually doesn't look sightly so you want to try to keep it right at just above ground line there and not push it out any farther all right and that's it so you roll it very simple. You got it in water, use a torch, our sizes come in multiple different sizes anywhere square and round posts, rectangular posts from four by four to six by threes to six by sixes into eight by eight thank you and I appreciate you watching.