North American Postsaver Pro-Sleeve Installation | Fence Armor

In today's video, Al showcases the correct way to install a Postsaver Pro-Sleeve onto a post.

There are many things that can damage your fence posts, such as spades, hoes, animals and water, but nothing causes more harm than a weed trimmer. If the surface treatment on a post is damaged by a weed wacker, it can absorb and trap water that can cause fence post rot. Fence Armor is manufactured out of strong, reliable, American-made, G90, 22-Gauge galvanized steel and protects your fence from damage. It fits almost any post size, shape, and mounting configuration so they can protect almost any fence style, and it's available with different colors, wood patterns, and images applied. Fence Armor is the best defence for your fence. Prevent, Protect, Prolong the life of your posts today.