NAFCA Fence Training School! Why Should You Attend?

Time to go back to school. “What?” you’re asking, “the Holidays are coming, and I’m not planning anything except eating turkey and watching Elf on the TV.” There is plenty of time for kicking back over the next couple of weeks but come the New Year, you will have to get your satchel out again. Yes, it’s time for the NAFCA Fence Training School, and it is something you should attend every year.

Yes, that is the North American Fence Contractors Association’s Fence Training School 2022. Every year we look forward to this event in Sebring, Florida. The next NAFCA Fence Training School is not far away and is from February 6th to the 9th 2022. We know most of you think of Florida as the place for Spring break, but you go to Florida to actually go to school this time.

Fence Armor® loves attending the NAFCA Fence Training School

Fence Armor® has attended this event for the past few years in a row, and this coming year will not be an exception. We love being there, learning new skills and hearing about the latest innovations, and maybe even kicking back a little too.  The event is a fantastic resource for new employees looking for hands-on experience learning about fence installation from amazing instructors provided throughout seven different stations. Even industry veterans can learn a thing or two over the three days.

 Fence Collage

The benefits of attending the NAFCA Fence Training School

At Fence Armor®, we know the benefits of the NAFCA Fence Training School. You are never too old to learn, nor are you too old to hand on the best of advice. We will, of course, be there to show and give our clients hands-on experience of our product range. Our experts will demonstrate how our wide range of patented products can extend the life of any new or existing wood and vinyl fence by years. When you install one of our products, you will be saving both money and the environment.

Every day at the NAFCA Fence Training School, you learn something new. Even old hands like the Fence Armor® crew still come home with new tips and advice, which we pass on to our clients. The daily classes and demonstrations show the latest in fence technology and how to improve the fence at your home or business premises.

Leaders in our industry take the time and effort to come to Florida and pass on their experience and show their new products. You will learn more about access controls, farm and ranch fencing, ornamental, wood, vinyl, and chain-link fencing. Experts will give talks on equipment, safety protocols, fence protection, and HTP rail and strand.

It is probably not worth knowing if they do not cover it at the NAFCA Fence Training School.

You can find out more about this year’s event at this link.

Old friends

What we at Fence Armor® love about the NAFCA Fence Training School is the chance to meet up with some favorite old faces. People we have known over the years but who we may not meet enough are always at the school. We see the familiar faces that make our business such a great place to work and know we are among friends.

One of the many great advantages of going to the NAFCA Fence Training School is meeting the best people in the business, making a few friends, and putting the ideas to work on your property come the spring.

The one problem is that after three days of being around these guys, your face will begin to hurt from laughing. Not that it is all about fun, but we share a joke and learn together how to build and protect the fences on your properties.

Old friends

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At Fence Armor®, we know all about the benefits of attending the NAFCA Fence Training School. We hope to see you this year and meet old and new friends too.  Boy, are we ready to have a break from the cold and head to Florida. In the meantime, do not forget the fence protection around the property. Why not give the gift of fence post protection this Christmas? Ask our experts for advice on gift tokens. Call us today for all your fence protection needs.

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