Mr. Fence Talks Signature Series Fence | Fence Armor

What's up guys, Shawn King here with Mr. Fence Academy and Mr. Fence Tools. I've got some cool stuff I want to show you here right now. We are in Canada with White Castle Construction and Fence Armor on site at a construction location. They've just built a fence and I get the privilege of finishing it off with the Fence Armor Post Cap, equipped with the patented CAP CLAW™ on the back side. It's a strong cap designed to protect the top of that post.

Before I go any further, I want to emphasize that we used Postsaver on every single post in the ground. These were installed before we set the posts. It's a preventative method to stop the post from deteriorating prematurely, thereby extending the life of the post. We've also added the Fence Armor protection plate to the bottom - that black piece you see. It's a barrier against weed eaters and similar threats that might damage the Postsaver and the post.

A key note for those installing, leave about an inch off the ground to ensure that the weed eater hits the middle of the armor plates. Now, if you install the Fence Armor Postsaver and the Post Armor fence cap with the CAP CLAW™, you get a 20-year warranty from Fence Armor's Signature Series Fence. As a contractor and Fence Specialist, are you offering this to your clientele? It's an opportunity to stand out from the competition, offering your customers a superior value product with a warranty against the rot and deterioration that will inevitably occur in the wood.

But that's not all. This cap has a great feature where you can remove a screw at the top and replace it with multiple versions of toppers. They even have an Acorn design where you can insert a flag. This is a fantastic add-on opportunity for your fence business as it adds value for the customer and generates more revenue for you.

These caps are versatile, fitting posts from 5 1/2" to 6 3/16". The patented CAP CLAW™ on the back lets you push it right on; it self-centers and won't come off because of the sharp points on the stainless steel band. If the post is cut crooked, you can make small adjustments and it will sit nice and flat.

The best part? No screws, glue, silicone or caulking needed for installation. The Signature Series from Fence Armor is a phenomenal product, unlike anything else in the industry. If you don't know about it, you better catch up quick or you'll be left behind