Mr. Fence Talks Signature Series Fence | Fence Armor

What's up guys Shawn King with Mr. Fence Academy and Mr. Fence Tools, I've got some cool stuff I want to show you here right now. We are in Canada with White Castle Construction and Fence Armor on site on a construction site they just built this fence and I get the privilege of finishing it off right now with the Fence Armor Post Cap with the patented CAP CLAW™ on the back side. What does that mean, I'm gonna show you here in a minute but this is a very fancy strong cap to protect the top of that post. Before I go any further though I want you to understand we used Postsaver on every single post in the ground. These were installed prior to us setting in the post. This is going to prevent that post from deteriorating prematurely to extend the life of the post by installing this prior to setting the post. We've also added to the bottom that black piece down there that is the Fence Armor protection plate. That right there is going to prevent your weed eater and enemies like that from tearing up your Postsaver and tearing up your post by installing this Fence Armor plate at the bottom. Key thing to note for those guys installing those, leave them about an inch off the ground so that we are hitting the weed eater right in the middle of the armor plates right so that's installed there if you install the Fence Armor Postsaver and the Post Armor fence cap with the CAP CLAW™ you get a 20 year warranty from Fence Armor that's called the Signature Series Fence. As a contractor and as a Fence Specialist, are you offering that to your clientele? You're going to differentiate from the competition, you'll be different and you're going to give your customer a better value product because you're going to give them a warranty to protect against the rotting deterioration that is going to happen in this wood. Anyways we're going to dec,ay that process right by protecting the water from getting to the top of the post utilizing the cap and the Postsaver preventing the oxygen deterioration the bacteria from hitting at the bottom of the post deteriorating that and then the weed eater damage so three of those together are going to extend the life of the fence. Now that's all great, cool, fancy and awesome but there's more right, so this cap has a great feature that on the top you can pull this screw out and there are multiple versions of these toppers that can go in here and thread in the top of this. Different designs; they even have one that's an Acorn design you can put a flag in it yeah you can put a flag in the top of it. It's a screw in the top of that so it's a great add-on these add-ons are huge for you as a fence business because you're able to add more value to the customer and generate more revenue for your business capturing more margins obviously so it's a great add-on piece. Now the best part about these caps is this works from 5 1/2" to 6 3/16" post. It's gonna be five and a half to five and three quarters, five and seven eighths, six inch, six and an eighth doesn't matter this cap can accommodate that with a patented CAP CLAW™. On the back side we can just push that right on there and it's not going to come knock off these are very very sharp points on the stainless steel band right here they're very sharp it'll self-center itself on the cap as you push down into one direction just make sure the opposite direction you physically have centered that before you push it down once you get down on top of there if the post is cut crooked you can make small adjustments and this will be nice and flat to make up for those errors of installation, you know cutting the top of these post tops today. Believe it or not we didn’t have to cut any posts the guys did a fantastic job of setting to the right height so no need to cut them off so let's see how hard it is to install this. I have no screws, no screw gun on top of that post I'd like to have the Fence Armor plate facing this way or this way preferably is how we like to scientifically engineer that to be installed. Here we go we'll go this way today so we go up on there, center it on there. Whoa are you kidding me it was just that easy! Give me some more, let's make it happen that is amazing. This this product is phenomenal it's totally different than anything else in the industry right now. That is out there solid, that's not going to come off the wind is not going to blow that off I don't have to put no screws in to split the top of the post. There's no glue there's no silicone there's no caulking, come on that's awesome right. Signature Series from Fence Armor if you don't know about it you better figure it out real quick because you're going to be left behind.