Mr. Fence Introduces the Fence Armor UNI™

Protect All Your Fence Posts with the Revolutionary Fence Armor UNI


Fence Armor has unveiled an innovative new solution - the Fence Armor UNI - to universally protect vulnerable wooden and concrete fence posts from weather damage and everyday wear and tear. This adjustable protection plate safeguards posts from lawn equipment, pests, moisture, and more for extended fence integrity.

The Ongoing Threat to Exposed Fence Posts

One of the biggest fence vulnerabilities homeowners face is damage to the base of posts, which are constantly exposed to lawn mowers and trimmers, moisture, general impacts, and other threats that can compromise stability over time. Weakened posts jeopardize the entire fence infrastructure, leading to expensive repairs or replacements.

The Innovative, Universal Fence Armor UNI Solution

The Fence Armor UNI delivers an adjustable protection barrier made of durable materials to shield all types of fence posts from harm. Available in varying dimensions and colors, these sturdy plates can be customized to an exact post fit regardless of size or material. The easy height and width configurability makes installation a breeze.

Quick and Easy Do-It-Yourself Installation

Unlike other post protection options, the UNI system does not require special tools or skills to install. Homeowners can securely fasten these plates to fence posts themselves in minutes, immediately stopping damage while saving time and expenses.

Durable Construction Withstands Years of Element Exposure
Crafted to endure all weather conditions - including harsh sun, heavy rainfall, temperature extremes, and more - the rugged Fence Armor UNI maintains its protective integrity for years of long-term fence post security.

Enhanced Safety Meets Sophisticated Style

The Fence Armor UNI not only reliable shields vulnerable wooden and concrete posts, but also upgrades aesthetics with an array of color options that seamlessly blend with any fence.


The innovative UNI plate by fence protection leader Fence Armor is the ultimate universal defense against fence post damage. Adjustable and accessible DIY installation combined with durable, weather-resistant construction makes these plates a fool-proof asset for flawless fences that will stand the test of time.