Mr. Fence Introduces the Fence Armor UNI™


What do we do if there's no fence and now the post is exposed on all four sides? Well the geniuses at Fence Armor figured it out and they have the UNITM right now which is completely universal, like this four piece it's completely adjustable from 3.5" to 6.5". That's right so here we have a wood post here right now this is a treated post I have a tape measure and I'll just show you guys that this post is 5 3/8" from side to side with a round corner and so we can take this Fence Armor protection plate let's put Fence Armor up and install these and we can slide it around this post. There's a slot in here, we want the slot to fall behind the outside channel so that you don't see so much of that slot. Okay I'm going to install this now, just that simple. You would adjust the height about an inch off the ground you would install your first screw here and then work your way around the post installing the following screws here.

We are here with a sign in the park this particular sign has a concrete paddle around it but that's not always the case sometimes there'll be grass around me. I'm going to take a measurement of this and with the same UNITM I have in my hand to fit the 5 3/8" down there this one right here measures exactly four inches with a sharp 90 degree turn corner in it. Okay so same thing we'll take the UNITM spread it out to where it fits behind and in this case we would install this an inch off the ground off the grass off the soil, fits very nice around that post it was really easy, put your self tappers in there and screw it together.

We have a tape measure here we're going to measure that this is 3.5" so this is the smallest that this UNITM would fit a 3.5" now I have with me the six inch tall so again this comes standard in White, Black and Galvanized that's what this one is but I'm going to show you the six inch tall version of this right now. Now again hide the slots behind the plate that looks very nice, trimming it out with a six inch tall piece. Remember to keep about an inch up off the ground right about there get those screws installed in there and now that post is definitely protected from the trimmers and from anything else that might be damaging that post at the bottom.