Meet Mr. Fence Tools, Our New Partner

When looking for a partner for Fence Armor®, we knew we found one of the best in Mr. Fence Tools. Every fence job is made easier with the right tools, and if you start doing a job without the best fence tools, you only ask for trouble. Mr. Fence Tools is one of those companies that supply the best and follow up with excellent customer service.

At Fence Armor® we believe in only supplying quality products and working with the best partners. We don’t just buddy up with the first guy that comes along and smiles at us. No, we take our time and see what they offer and that they will be around for the long term. There is not any point in taking on a partner who will disappear in a few months. Mr. Fence Tools fits the bill in every way, and we are very excited to be working with such a dynamic company and bring a wide array of their tools to Canada.

Let’s take a closer look at why we like Mr. Fence Tools and what it means for Fence Armor®.

Meet Mr. Fence Tools

Mr. Shawn King is the man behind Mr. Fence Tools. You could say he has fencing, fence tools, and everything in between in his blood. Shawn started working at the family business at only eight years of age and has never looked back. By the time he was 16, Shawn was running crews and worked his way through the school years, and he loved every minute of it.

By starting so young in the fence business, Shawn had more experience than most people by the time he reached 20. Indeed by the time he got to 20, Shawn had completed the American Fence Associations field training school in Waco, Texas. If that wasn’t enough, he became the youngest ever to graduate the Association’s Certified Fence Professional course two years later at 22. Being that hard-working and dedicated to fencing, Shawn could only prosper in the business.

Today Shawn King runs Mr. Fence Tools and his son, Collen Schenk runs the day to day operations. They bring the best fence tools and tool innovations to the market. He still installs fences and is always looking for ways to improve the work and the quality of the finished fence.

Shawn King - Mr. Fence Tools

What does Mr. Fence Tools supply?

What doesn’t Mr. Fence Tools supply would probably be easier to answer. Shawn King’s experience, knowledge, and constant striving to improve his business and products have led to a fabulous range of the best fence tools.

The Straight Away may sound like a funny name for a fence tool, but this is a serious piece of engineering. The Straight Away guarantees accuracy and increases productivity when installing a stick wood fence. Once you learn how to work it, it is easy to use, and the Straight Away does away with the need for levels or aligning fence panels one by one.

The Protector does exactly what you might imagine it can do in the field. You fit The Protector over the top of the post before you give it the final few bangs into the dirt. The Protector protects the post from damage as you drive it, and split posts become a thing of the past.

Are you fed up with having to collect and tidy up the dirt at each stage of the fence post installation? Well, the Dig Jig, one of our favorite tools, means the soil is taken care of and is easy to remove.  The Dig Jig is a large circular pan on wheels with a hole through the center matching the diameter of any fence post. As you dig the fence post hole with the auger, it throws the dirt into the pan. All you need do is pull it away when finished and dispose of the loose dirt.

Just a small sample of the many excellent tools available from Mr. Fence Tools, and each one will improve how you work.

Dig Jig - Mr. Fence Tools

Fence Armor® and Mr. Fence Tools

We are looking forward to working with our latest partner Mr. Fence Tools. We know plenty about fence protection and installation, and we can now offer you the best fence tools. Our customers can buy the best fence tools through our website and know they are buying quality products. Be sure to check the website to see which tools are available in Canada or are exclusive to the USA.

Every partnership should improve both companies involved. With Fence Armor® and Mr. Fence Tools, we will definitely see a range of products that can only bring more service to our clients.

Mr. Fence Tools team

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At Fence Armor® we have years of experience in fence post protection. Our partnership with Mr. Fence Tools brings a new range to our stock of products. Ask our experts for more news on this exciting development. Call us today for all your fence protection needs.

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