Landscaping Tips for Mowing Around Fences

Landscaping is an important part of keeping a home looking neat and beautiful. But it can be tricky to mow around fences without causing damage to blades or other parts of the lawn mower. To make sure that your lawn looks great and is easy to maintain, it's important to understand landscaping tips for mowing around fences.

Landscaping is a great way to improve the look of any home. Not only can it give your home a face-lift, but it can also reduce the amount of maintenance and upkeep needed to keep your lawn looking good. When landscaping around fences, however, it's important to take extra care when mowing to avoid damaging the man mower. In this blog post, we'll discuss some tips on how to successfully mow around fences.

  • Place the fence away from the edge of the lawn
  • Run paving between the fence and lawn
  • If vegetation comes in contact with posts or structures, use Fence Armor's Post Guards to protect against damage
  • Install mowing borders and mulch around it
  • Create extra space for alternative ideas for your border area 
  • Run a line of paving between your lawn and fence to create an even surface that won’t damage blades when mowed over 

Best Practices For Landscaping Around Fences

One of the most important tips for landscaping around fences is to make sure that you place the fence a good distance from the edge of the lawn, if possible. This will give you more room when you are mowing so that you don't accidentally run into the fence with your mower. Another tip is to run paving between the fence and lawn. This will create an even surface so that when you are mowing, you won't have any dips or bumps in the terrain that could cause damage to your blade or other parts of your lawn.

The Post Guards from Fence Armor are an ideal way to protect your valuable structures such as wood, metal, or vinyl posts against damaging elements such as weed-eaters, string trimmers, and lawn equipment. Fence Armor Post Guards also guard against termites, mold, mildew, and rust that can shorten the fences life and cost you money in replacement costs. The Post Guards aren't just effective - they are also aesthetically pleasing. So why take the risk when Fence Armor affords great protection for your important structures?

Bring Life Back To Your Yard

Another tip is to plant shrubs and flowers in front of the fence. This will add color and life to your yard while also providing a barrier between your lawn and fence so that accidental contact with the fence when mowing won't happen as easily. Additionally, installing mowing borders and mulch around it can help keep soil in place while making sure grass isn't getting too close to wood fences.

Creating extra space in between your lawn and fence gives you an opportunity to get creative with alternative ideas for your border area such as installing one-block walls at least four inches wide along edges or using plants or mulch instead of grass near wood fences. Which can be less attractive entry points but still aesthetically pleasing options. Following these tips can make landscaping easier, and more efficient, and provides you with more options for creating unique designs through extra space offered by these tips!

Add Color Back Into Your Outdoor Space

Adding a colorful touch to your lawn can take it from average to amazing. Evergreen shrubs or bright flowers are the perfect way to achieve this. Not only will they add beauty and color throughout any season, but you won't have to worry about damaging the plants while cutting grass with a maintained blade height. Planting these along your boundary will ensure that all eyes are drawn to this stunning feature of your lawn, transforming it into a truly captivating space.

Landscaping around fence

Planning makes the difference

Landscaping around fences requires careful consideration and planning in order to ensure safety measures are taken so blades do not get damaged or shrubby/flowers planted near them are not harmed in any way due to accidental contact during mowing activities. By following these tips discussed above such as placing the fence a good distance from the edge of the lawn, running paving between the fence and lawn, planting shrubs/flowers in front of fence, installing walls/mulch along edges etc., homeowners can easily maintain their yards without having any issues! So if you're looking for ways on how best to landscape around fences while taking safety precautions into consideration then these tips should come in handy!

Landscaping tricks can be a great help when it comes to mowing around fences. Fences should be placed at least a few feet away from the edge of the lawn, and running paving between the fence and lawn is a good way to make your mowing job easier. Planting shrubs and flowers in front of the fence can add aesthetic appeal to your yard while installing mowing borders beside the fence and will keep you from accidentally ruining it with the mower blade or trimmer. Fence Armor’s Post Guard protection is also recommended if any of your yard comes near posts or structures, as this can help keep your fence looking great without causing damage. With these landscaping tips in mind, you'll be able to make sure that your yard looks neat and pristine with each passing month!

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