Landscaping Ideas to Beautify Your Fence Line

Who could do with a few landscaping ideas to beautify the fence line? You know there is always a fresh landscaping idea every season to get you thinking. If your fence line is looking a bit tired, then do something about it.

A few top tips to beautify the fence line would help a lot.

At Fence Armor® we are not all about fence protection, though it is our priority. We also know about landscaping and how to improve your home’s curb appeal. When you beautify the fence line, you are also improving the yard and adding to your home and neighborhood.

Included on our list of landscaping ideas to beautify the fence line is:

  • Raised beds beautify the fence line
  • Add a Mail Post box for the traditional look
  • Paint the fence line in a bold color
  • Planting along the fence line
  • Protection helps beautify the fence line

Let’s take a closer look at each point.

Raised beds beautify the fence line

Raised beds are a perfect way to beautify a vinyl privacy fence line. In case you are unfamiliar with raised beds, they are very easy to install. A raised bed is like a planter box, with the vinyl fence as the fourth side. Size, shape, and height are all up to the designer. You can make them with a few lengths of lumber and rust-proof screws.

When you have the raised beds in place, fill them with quality dirt. Plant the best of bright flowering plants and bushes. Always put in evergreens for a bit of color during the winter months. Many people use the raised beds for a produce and herb patch.

What could be nicer during the year than fresh food from the yard?

Raised landscape bed

Add a Mail Post box for the traditional look

What could be more American than a Mail Post box in the yard? The mailman, or woman, will love dropping off the mail and packages at your home.

The Mail Post box can be a signature feature of the fence line. It will fit perfectly at the end of the fence and maybe plant an apple tree at the opposite end for a bit of contrast.

You can also beautify the fence line with fence post caps and finials. Choose from a cap from our range that suits your style. We offer traditional Fleur de Lis and Hops styles along with the very popular Texas Star Lasso. Our fence post caps are easy to install and remove.

They fit every post size, and installing them is the perfect weekend DIY project.

Fence Armor Mailbox Post Protection

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Paint the fence line in a bold color

Why not beautify the fence line with a new paint makeover? Often a fence will look a bit drab and ignored and even darken the garden area. Sometimes planting flowers and bushes may not make a difference.

A strong, statement color can brighten the fence line. Go for something a bit funky by mixing the colors on the panels, painting one white and another red, or whatever is your taste. Try painting most panels white and one or two pink or yellow, and you will have a stunning fence line.

Staining and sealing a wooden fence is necessary for fence protection. A new coat of a Stain & Seal product from our store will really beautify the fence line. It will also protect the fence through a wet fall, a dry summer, and cold winter.

Colored fence line

Planting along the fence line

Do not leave the fence line bare.

Too much grass can become tedious and will only take away from your fine fence. You may also have the problem of fence post damage from the grass trimmer or weed wacker. The trimmer cable can eat away at a fence post and permanently damage a wood or vinyl fence.

Planting flower beds between the grass and the fence offers a line of fence protection. By sowing border seeds and other bright flowers, you can make it very pretty in the late spring and summer. Hardy plants will last through the winter and come back next year.

Be imaginative in the yard and do not cover every inch in lawn grass.

Planting around the fence

Protection helps beautify the fence line

If you leave the fence unprotected, then you are asking for trouble. Termites, mildew, weed wackers, and grass trimmers are only waiting to do damage to your investment.

At Fence Armor®, we offer fence protection products to give your fence line a long life.

Our Fence Armor® Postsaver Sleeves protect the posts at the crucial ground line level. They are easy to attach to the posts and will keep out moisture, air, and termites.

Post Guards are American-made of American steel and will not rust or deteriorate. The guards fit around the fence posts, just where the trimmers hit the wood or vinyl. Once in place, they will protect against nicks and cuts from weed wackers too.

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