Keep Your Fence in Tip-Top Shape with Fence Armor

Fence Armor is a great way to keep your fence in tip-top condition and protect it from all sorts of damage. It’s easy enough to install that it can be done by anyone, regardless of skill level or experience. With minimal maintenance, Fence Armor can help extend the life of your fence while keeping it looking like new.

What is Fence Armor?

Fence Armor is an easy-to-install post guard made of galvanized steel that fits around wood, metal, or vinyl posts. It protects the post from damage caused by string trimmers, weed-eaters, termites, weather conditions, and chewing pets. The post guards come in a variety of colors to match wood, metal or vinyl fences and are available for both round and square posts. It’s easy to install using either screws or our click-lock installation and can be used on both new installations as well as existing fences.

Fence Armor fits all types and sizes of post.

Fence Armor offers a unique solution for any fence. All sizes and shapes of posts can benefit from Fence Armor, which comes in two sleeves of galvanized steel. It is simple to fit around the post foot, and even round posts can benefit from their round post protection. And if you need more than just protection, Fence Armor also ensures an aesthetically pleasing experience with various powder-coated colors available to match both wood and vinyl fences. With Fence Armor, you have access to reliable protection and beautiful designs; now there's no reason why your fence should be unprotected.

Round Post - Keep Your Fence in Tip-Top Shape with Fence Armor

Damage Prevention Techniques.

In addition to using Fence Armor for protection against external factors like string trimmers or weather conditions, there are additional ways you can prevent damage to your fence over time. Regularly inspecting your fence for signs of wear & tear is important - as soon as you notice any damage or deterioration due to weather conditions it should be taken care of immediately. Additionally, removing debris and unwanted growth from the surrounding areas of the fence line regularly will help reduce any potential risks that could lead to further damage down the line. Lastly, applying a protective coating on wooden or metal surfaces when necessary will help protect against corrosion or deterioration due to weather conditions.

Benefits of Using Fence Armor.

Using Fence Armor offers several advantages over traditional methods of protecting your fence such as staining or painting. For one thing, it’s much easier to install than traditional methods because all you have to do is slide it onto the post and secure it with screws - no need for any special tools or skills!

Additionally, since the post guards are made out of galvanized steel they won’t rust like paint does over time which means you won’t have to worry about re-staining or repainting every few years. Plus the variety of colors available makes it easy to find one that matches your existing wood or vinyl fence perfectly!

Keep Your Fence in Tip-Top Shape with Fence Armor

Investing in post protection is not something most of us think to do, but it can be a great way to significantly increase the lifespan of your fence. Fence Armor is an easy and effective post-protection solution that provides superior post defense against weed eaters, lawnmowers, and other potential post damaging machinery. Being crafted by from galvanized steel just further reinforces its strength and durability. With virtually no maintenance required, this hassle-free solution stops post rot caused by ground moisture and moisture entering at the post's base. This simple step could help you avoid costly post replacements in the future!

Deck and fence posts are important in preserving the structural integrity and aesthetic of any garden or yard, but they can quickly succumb to damage from string trimmers, weed-eaters, termites, weather conditions or even pet chewing. To prevent shortening the life of these deck and fence posts, it is important to take action against these damaging influences so that you can get the most out of them for as long as possible. Whether it's regular maintenance to your equipment, secondary pest control measures such as insecticides around the perimeter of the post or simply keeping an eye on them for signs of anything going wrong - by doing this you can be sure to give a longer life to your post.

Keeping your fence in good shape doesn't have to be difficult – all you need is Fence Armor!

This simple sleeve made out of galvanized steel fits around wood, metal and vinyl posts easily without requiring any special tools – just slide it onto the post then secure with screws! Not only is this solution easier than traditional staining/painting methods but its also more durable since the sleeves won't rust like paint on steel does over time.

Keeping your fence in good shape should be a priority for any homeowner or business. Fence Armor is a great way to protect your posts from potential damage, as it is easily installed and maintained. This post guard is durable and when combined with Postsaver Pro-Sleeves, you can be sure your post is protected. With its variety of colors available and easy installation process there's no wonder why more people are turning towards using Fence Armor for their fencing needs!

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